Was UFC 116 The Best Card Ever??

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7/4/10 1:14:46PM
I think UFC 116 was the best card the UFC had there was so many exciting fights on this card like leben or Stephan Bonnar and also some nice submissions and what about gerald harris's ko slam. It was a great card. So what do you all think about the UFC 116 card being the best ever card??
7/4/10 1:16:54PM
I would have to sit down and analyze some other cards before calling it the best ever, but I can easily call it top 3 without any hesitation.
7/4/10 1:23:30PM
Off the top of my head, no.
7/4/10 1:38:45PM
It was an Awesome card no doubt, but the best? I wouldn't go that far but it was very good.
7/4/10 1:43:24PM
Upon first impression I'd say it was probably the most frustrating card I've ever had to sit through. I think a lot of those fights were "exciting" simpley because of the fact that hardly of the fighters on the main card faught to their strengths and it caused fights to be much closer than they should have been.

Ramero/Petrazelli was one of the ugliest fights I've seen in a long time. WHy Ramero chose to entertain Seth on the feet as long as he did is completely beyond me. I realize he's not a great wrestler, but it's not like sprawl 'n' brawl is Seth's greatest strength. Ramero chose to eat shot after shot in gross and sloppy exchanges until both fighters were nearly falling over one eachother (from exhaustion mind you). That fight certainly didn't need to be such a nip/tuck affair.

Lytle/Brown was equally as horrific at the onset. For all of Chris' supposed technical striking ability it pains me to watch this man wing punches from last tuesday to the point where he's nearly causing himself to fall over. It's obvious that he's got a clear grappling advantage in this bout yet he basically gave Brown his neck just to see what Brown could do with it. There isn't any reason he needed to drop the first round here. Don't get me wrong, the finish was nothing short of spectacular but when it's so patently obvious the advantages the Lytle possess I just don't see why he can't get down to business and leave the slop in the locker room.

Krzysztof carried Bonnar and it cost him. THe stoppage wasn't great here either. I'm not certain that the outcome would have been any different but the ref (maz if I'm not mistaken) let Bonnar land and handful of short shots to Krzysztof's gloves as he covered up then decided to step in as Bonnar was backing off a bit.

Batman had a clear wrestling advantage over Sotiropoulous and chose not to exploit it. I realize George has an active guard but Kurt is a more than capable grappler and handled it fine the few moments he spent on the ground. Kurt was perfectly content to stand with George when it was apparent from the word go that he couldn't hang with george on the feet. His best chance to win was from top control and he seldom made the puch to bring the fight there.

Sexyama and a clear advantage from the clinch and an easy avenue towards top control and seldom chose to dictate where the fight took place. He allowed Leben the chance to put his very, very limited skill set to work enroute to a victory.

Carwin had every oppertunity to put Brock away early as well. Yet he clearly had no clue how to manage his resources (gas tank) and completely punched himself out. I've never seen someone gas that hard while putting together such a sustained ass beating on another man. That was at minimum a 10-8 round in the first and when they answered the bell for round 2 you'd swear that Shane just finished running a marathon. Again, the finish was nice. But there wasn't any real reason why it had to play out that way. Props to Rosenthal for not stopping it in the first too. I think the ref in the Soz/Bonnar fight should have taken a bit of notice from the main event.

Perhaps I'm not giving enough credit to the victors in a few of these examples but I cannot remember a card where I spent so much time and attention stewing over such poor game-planning and execution.
7/4/10 2:37:12PM
116 was a night of great fights, but there wasn't the star power to call it the greatest card ever. Lesner-Carwin will be the only fight remembered a year from now.
7/4/10 10:40:52PM
I think it possibly was, I LOVED IT!
7/5/10 10:02:40PM
It was definetly one of the best cards we've seen in a while, and is definetly one of the top cards.
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