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5/10/10 11:25:44AM
Unfortunately, some of the fights that took place at UFC 113 will go unnoticed by most fans as they did not air Saturday night. Therefore, if you get a chance I highly recommend you watch those fights that did not air. So, either shell out some money in the vault (or go buy some edge shaving gel and get 3 months free!)...or you know what else you can do...

Tim Hague vs. Joey Beltran - This fight was the heavyweight's equivalent to the Garcia/Korean Zombie fight. Obviously, at a much slower pace, but it was a good slobber-knocker from start to finish. Beltran really poured it on Hague in the first round and it looked like it was going to be all Beltran, but Hague showed new life in the 2nd round. This was a good fight to watch, it wasn't the most technical, but it was very entertaining nonetheless. One thing that is for sure after seeing that fight is Hague needs to work on his cardio.

TJ Grant vs. Johny Hendricks - Grant showed some really improved striking in this match. It really looked as if he was going to run away with the victory after the first round. Yet, Hendricks gutted it out in the 2nd and showed he was still determined to come out the victor. The second round was close, it really could have gone either way. After two rounds, it was anyone's fight. Grant had already been warned for a low-blow in the first and unfortunately he hit Hendricks low again in the final round.

The point deduction was devastating, as it left little hope for Grant to win. Hendricks definitely took advantage and pushed the pace in the 3rd and it was no question he won the 3rd round. After three rounds it was announced that Hendricks was the winner by Majority Decision. Personally, I thought Hendricks lost the first two rounds and won the 3rd convincingly. So, I thought it should have been ruled a 28-28 draw. I'll have to watch the fight again, but I think Grant scored more with his strikes in the first and second and when he was on his back he was always looking for submissions. This was another good fight, entertaining technical battle.

Mike Guymon vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida - Impressive showing by Mike Guymon. His win and pure domination over Yoshida was very shocking. Guymon was clearly the bigger and stronger fighter. He was able to mount Yoshida several times. Definitely watch for the elbows that Guymon throws when he has Yoshida against the cage, it was an awesome/gruesome sight. This was a technical ground battle and I am still shocked that Guymon walked away with such an easy win. Good for him, it was also great to see him pour out his emotions in front of the thousands of fans in attendance. Major props to Guymon, he has been through a lot and this win was much deserved.

These were great fights, hope you enjoy them.
5/10/10 12:20:57PM
Thanks for the review, man! Props!
5/10/10 12:30:17PM
Good review bro, I was there live and you actually did these fights justice. Funny enough, after the Guymon fight many people were crying for him due to his story and the emotion in the fight. Props!
5/10/10 3:08:58PM
I completely agree. Props for the review. I was really impressed with Guymon and even though I picked Yoshida I was glad to see Guymon get such an emotional win. Guymon is from my hometown and went to my rival HS. I am really glad that he was able to get the professional help that he needed and let's hope that all of that stuff is in the past for him.

I found this awesome post fight interview with Mike Guymon where he talks about his issues and that while he's not completely over it he's working on his issues.

5/10/10 4:38:51PM
Thanks for the comments guys..

Yeah, that was pretty intense seeing Guymon break down like that. You really can't watch that fight without feeling something, man poured his pure emotions out there. Glad you got to the fights live, nothing like seeing UFC fights in person as it truly is a great experience!

Thanks for sharing that interview, much appreciated. I also had Yoshida picked to win, as did many others, but as you mentioned it was great to see him get the win. I wish him the best, definitely a guy I will be cheering for in the future.
5/10/10 4:45:34PM
No problem. I really liked that interview. It really pulls at heart strings. To see a guy go from trying to kill himself and get cops to kill him to having that huge smile on his face and realizing that he's got tons to live for. A win like that can SURELY only help in his road to recovery.
5/11/10 9:40:27AM
Agreed gentleman. Guymon seriously inspired me. Gonna look hi up on Facebook and let him know!
5/11/10 11:42:50AM
That is why I love the prelims guys trying to make a name and impression on the fans and ufc so next time they will maybe make the main card
It sickens me seeing 500 dollar seats empty till the main card then having a fake ufc fan watch them. Some of these prelim guys might be ufc champs one day
Machida gsp carwin. Velasquez. Kos all started out on prelims

True story

For ufc 90 silva vs cote I had a couple of guys sitting next to me and those bastards didn't even know who patrick cote was??? Come on
5/11/10 3:53:48PM

For ufc 90 silva vs cote I had a couple of guys sitting next to me and those bastards didn't even know who patrick cote was??? Come on

A CARDINAL SIN!!! That's like showing up to a concert in the tshirt of the band you're going to see.
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