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5/8/10 8:07:50PM
This is not the way I wanted to start this event.
5/8/10 8:09:17PM
Gah, i knew it. Im going to start kicking myself.
5/8/10 8:11:15PM
I really hope this is just a bad start and things turn around. Unless Yoshida does something in Round 3, which doesn't look promising, I'm 0-2
5/8/10 8:13:47PM
3 30-27s, Guymon.
5/8/10 8:15:46PM
Thank you, Joker, I am now 0-2. I think I may crack my first beer of the night.

Post 1000
5/8/10 8:17:21PM
1-1 5 points the Joker was my upset special
5/8/10 8:19:31PM
Hague vs. Beltran is up next, should start in the next few minutes.
5/8/10 8:21:11PM
anyone have a stream for tonight?
5/8/10 8:23:28PM
Nothing is available yet. Try your luck at 7.
5/8/10 8:26:57PM
2-0 Getting a little lucky so far
5/8/10 8:29:03PM
This is the make or break match of the night. Damn, forgot to change my parlay
5/8/10 8:31:01PM

R1 – Beltran starts swinging right away, not landing much of note, but he does a good job fending off Hague’s early takedown attempts. A couple minutes in and Beltran lands a punch combination that gets Hague’s attention. He again defends the takedown and unloads on Hague, visibly hurting the Canadian. Hague keeps looking for the takedown, but Beltran keeps rocking him with punches, bloodying the bigger man’s nose. Hague finally manages to strike back with a big left hook that hurt Beltran, who slows for a few seconds, but then starts firing back, landing punch combinations as both fighters are starting to look a little tired.

MMAWeekly.com scores the round 10-9 for Beltran
5/8/10 8:32:20PM
Jesus am I going to lose every damn fight
5/8/10 8:32:41PM
R2 – Beltran comes out firing again, but it’s Hague that lands the first big blows. Beltran quickly recovers and starts firing back, staying much busier with his striking than Hague. Hague catches Beltran again and the two go toe-to-toe, Hague seemingly given up on the takedown. Hague is breathing heavily, his mouth wide open now. Beltran catches him with a solid uppercut, but doesn’t follow up. Hague appears to have more power in his punches than Beltran, but Beltran is moving better and landing many more punches.

MMAWeekly.com scores the round 10-9 for Beltran
5/8/10 8:33:12PM
Wow, I changed from Guymom to Yoshida an hour before

luckily I still got money from Guymon winning
5/8/10 8:33:46PM
My camp swayed me from picking Beltran. I wish i had stuck with my gut now.....
5/8/10 8:39:07PM
R3 – Beltran comes out swinging again, using his jab to effect, but Hague goes back to the takedown. He scores one, but Beltran is immediately back to his feet without any trouble. Beltran starts chopping at Hague’s legs with low kicks. Hague again shoots the takedown, this time picking Beltran up and slamming him to his back. He stands and starts ground and pounding, but Beltran quickly gets out and back to his feet. Both fighters look very tired at this point. Beltran goes back to chopping at the legs with kicks, but Hague fires back rocking Beltran with a punch combination. Hague scores another takedown, landing in Beltran’s guard. Hague quickly moves to full mount and starts unloading punches. Beltran gamely punches up from his back and then reverses position, dropping some ground and pound on Hague before making him stand back up. They finish the round slugging it out.

MMAWeekly.com scores the round 10-9 for Hague, the fight 29-28 for Beltran
5/8/10 8:42:38PM
Joey Beltran def. Tim Hague by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-26, 29-28), R3
5/8/10 8:44:02PM
YES!!! 1-2
5/8/10 8:45:39PM
I will never pick Hague again. What a terrible strategy.
5/8/10 8:46:15PM
2-1 15 points, Thank you to my camp for talking me out of picking Hague.
5/8/10 8:46:51PM
My god, feels like UFC 96 all over again for me.

A long night awaits.
5/8/10 8:47:54PM

Posted by MMAcca

(30-27, 30-26, 29-28)

this doesnt look good for the upcoming fights if they go to a decision...
5/8/10 8:49:10PM
I usually kill it on the undercard then do ok on the main but not so tonight parley PHuc+ (thanks Yoshida) 0-3
5/8/10 8:49:31PM
1-2 but because of the macdonald injury seems more like 1-1. glad I didnt pick hague this time around. hopefully the rest of the night goes well for me
5/8/10 8:50:03PM
2-1 33 points I think
5/8/10 8:53:05PM
Yeah, I know the Playground will count it but I'm not counting MacDonald's freak accident against my record. Still, official record is 1-2. I can count on Goulet to give me another win by losing.

At least it's not UFC 33
5/8/10 8:55:08PM
oh yeah 0-3, lost the hot bout and my parlay.
5/8/10 9:04:43PM
If goulet wins, light will become dark, up will become down. Everything i know will shatter.

But jesus is Hendricks really losing to Grant?
5/8/10 9:09:19PM

Posted by Pookie

If goulet wins, light will become dark, up will become down. Everything i know will shatter.

But jesus is Hendricks really losing to Grant?

My Parley


1000 payed 880 about the safest bet you can make right?......Wrong!

Last fight


Thought I had the betting down I guess not lol
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