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5/2/10 11:04:14AM
another ufc pay per view approaches and i am still trying to get that bad taste out of my mouth from the last pay per view worst one this year by far

fight of the night even though stout has had many of these and his last performance was probably his best i will go with
belcher vs cote,
i wanna see how cote leg feels when belcher starts kicking it and muay thai knees to it as well as cage rust a year and a half is a long time
belcher to see if he stands and trades with cote and gets knocked out
or takes it to the ground

sub of the night
there are a few on the card by far but i gotta go with yoshida to sub out guymon and have him packing out of the ufc, with either a anconda choke, darce choke or something wicked

knock out of the night

gotta go with either kimbo or mitrione for ko
i still am deciding on that one, cant wait to see it
wanna see how much they have learned from their last fights matt has the height, weight, length advantage and kimbo has been rocked before, but if kimbo can start shooting for take downs i could see a tko by ground n pound

upset of the night

if any i would say goulet of davis but no way davis gets knocked out twice in a row
i gotta go with if there is on tj grant getting a hold of hendricks and subbing him out
5/2/10 11:46:30AM
FOTN: Stout over Stephens
KOTN: Meathead over Kevin
SOTN: Yoshida over Guymon
5/2/10 11:46:53AM
SOTN: MacDonald over Salter

KOTN: Mitrione over Kimbo

FOTN: Belcher vs Cote

Upset: Doerkson over Lawlor
5/2/10 1:04:01PM
KOTN: Davis over Goulet
SOTN: MacDonald over Salter
FOTN: Rua over Machida
UOTN: Stephens over Stout
5/2/10 2:56:23PM
FOTN: There are so many fights I could put here. I'll be different and say Belcher vs Cote.

KOTN: Hendricks over Grant.

SOTN: Stephens over Stout.
5/2/10 3:36:38PM
KOTN: Daley over Koscheck
SOTN: Yoshida over Guymon
FOTN: Stout Vs. Stephens

5/2/10 4:38:30PM
Sub - Yoshida
KO - Mitrione
Fight - Kos/Daley
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