UFC 112: Stadium is underway.

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3/26/10 12:38:31AM
In just three short days, this is what Flash has accomplished. This just shows what these guys are capable of.
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3/26/10 8:39:49AM
Holy crap.
3/26/10 8:49:56AM
i worked for a company that installed bleachers among other things and this doesnt surprise me at all. even being on the crew i was amazed at the end of some days at how far we'd gotten, and the crew over there is obviously top notch making them much better than the group of derelict drunks we had on our crew.
3/26/10 3:44:53PM
Will it be an open air arena?
3/26/10 3:46:49PM
Its like the colloseum...damn
3/27/10 9:21:34AM
looks nice
3/27/10 12:55:07PM
Oh baby!
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