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4/10/10 3:31:35PM
dana white you might as well book gsp vs silva right now
4/10/10 3:33:22PM
It's like watching a Harlem Globetrotters game.
4/10/10 3:33:47PM

Posted by AchillesHeel

This is kind of embarrassing.

To Silva.......
4/10/10 3:34:56PM
silva should put one hand behind his back
4/10/10 3:34:58PM
Anyone ever see that show "Pros vs. Joes"?
4/10/10 3:35:21PM
great, I haven't seen Anderson's dancing with the stars impression in a while. Please dance around some more. Also, Maia - THROW A PUNCH.
4/10/10 3:35:33PM
GSP might be having second thoughts
4/10/10 3:35:39PM
He needs to end this now.
4/10/10 3:37:40PM
ok silva needs to finish it here in the 3rd so I can get atleast one finish.

4/10/10 3:40:27PM
Silva must laugh after the show that he actually gets paid to do this.
4/10/10 3:40:58PM
******* retarded. I'm pretty close to just turning this off at this point. I have zero respect for Silva as a person and I don't find it remotely entertaining watching him dance around.
4/10/10 3:44:15PM
I'm saying this now, fedor sign, and fight Anderson. I hate this, same thing as GSP but at least he's not prancing about.
4/10/10 3:45:53PM
They are cheering GSP
4/10/10 3:47:27PM
I honestly think Maia won that round just on activity alone.
4/10/10 3:47:33PM
I think Maia gets a round, LOL
4/10/10 3:47:38PM

Posted by Aether

I'm pretty close to just turning this off at this point.

Me too. I'm going to stick it out for the last round, but not with much interest.
4/10/10 3:47:44PM
I'm turning this off. Good card, I guess?

Waste of my time.
4/10/10 3:47:52PM
This suuuuucks. So glad I didn't pay for this ****. At least Shogun will try and finish.
4/10/10 3:50:31PM
4/10/10 3:51:52PM
I am not impressed by your performance V 2.0.....hahahaha
4/10/10 3:52:51PM
If I was a judge I'd give it to Maia just because he's acctually tried to finish this embarassment.
4/10/10 3:54:28PM
I hope it's a draw LOL, I think Anderson broke his hand.
4/10/10 3:54:29PM
Longest five rounds of my life.
4/10/10 3:55:04PM
4/10/10 3:56:21PM
musta been something in the water
4/10/10 3:56:49PM
I guess he got tired showboating.
4/10/10 3:58:18PM
UD, Silva retains.
4/10/10 4:08:01PM
honestly, it wasnt the showboating that bugged me. Atleast when Anderson was showboating, he was doing something. It was the last half of the fight when he was just circling and standing there. We know you can finish him, so DO it! His excuse after was BS too, he knew what he was doing and I dont think he's sorry at all.

Horrible card for me, and horrible to watch that last fight. Rest of the card was alright and hit my parley thankfully.

Im off to get drunk lol.
4/10/10 4:36:29PM
I'm sick to my stomach, Maia shows so much heart, his face busted to a pulp and was still swinging and trying to do his best to win the fight.

If we wanted to watch a circus we'd watch a circus, we wanted to see a fight not some clown bouncing around the ring like a kangaroo on acid. I'm honestly sick to my stomach and i'm quite fine with never watching Anderson Silva fight again.
4/10/10 4:55:37PM
i cant believe i paid half for this card........

Props to Frankie. BJ didn't look like the same fighter at all in the fight. He looked gassed... Kind of weird because it looked like he didn't throw nearly as much punches as in the Diego fight. He didn't even look like he was paying attention.

I swear now and forvever i will never buy another card with him in it ......this is the 3rd time i bought a card with Anderson in it. (take a wild geuss which other 2 i ordered) Seeing Silva circle the cage like that, was like watching a nascar race with just 1 car competing. Props to Maia, i've become a bigger fan of his for just wanting to finish the fight at his own risk.

I was expecting Renzo and Hughes to actually grapple on the ground....wasn't a bad fight but it would be like watching Brandon Vera and James Irvin want to grapple the whole time in a match.

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