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2/24/10 6:02:54PM
The UFC is hosting UFC112 in Abu Dhabi, in the middle-east at last, with Anderson Silva heading the card. Im hyped.
I paid $985 USD for the platinum grandstand, kinda expensive in my openion, but what the heck, its worth it.
$590 USD for roundtrip tickets from Saudi Arabia to Abu Dhabi, a 2 hour flight. $190 USD a night in hotel next to the event center, booked for 2 nights.
Totals up to $1955 USD, not including food and souvenirs.
I know its non of your buisness, but just thought Id share this expereince with my mmaplayground buddies, and hopefully Anderson puts on a show. Thank you.
2/24/10 6:38:53PM
So you will be updating this thread to keep the Playground posted on the details of your adventure with UFC 112?
2/24/10 7:19:09PM
Andersons weakness is to flying submissions from nowhere now he faces submission ace Damian Maia I hope you didn't waste your money.
2/25/10 1:57:38PM
and here i was bitching about the cost of flying to boston and staying there
i need to keep my mouth shut
2/25/10 2:11:59PM
Take as many pictures as you can and post them here!
2/25/10 3:18:06PM

Posted by emfleek

Take as many pictures as you can and post them here!

he might not have enough dough left, damn, i was going to goto MTL in may but didnt feel like shelling out that much $$
2/25/10 6:00:24PM
Congratulations on booking yourself a nice vacation! I hope your experience is as good as you're hoping it will be. I know the UFC definitely puts on a unique show so I suspect you will have a great time! Make that place go crazy!
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