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12/8/09 10:20:40PM
I just went to get my tickets for UFC 110 and man its selling quick...i had to get $250 premium tickets...couldnt get to platinum or floor already after 2 days.
12/8/09 11:14:25PM
Im happy about this.

I think the UFC is selling better outside of the US than it is inside the US.
12/9/09 12:24:39AM
the cards really haven't been as stacked as they were last year - it's a recession and people are wanting MORE for their money not less... PPV... best seat in the house.
12/9/09 2:45:19AM
yeah you cant really beat the PPV...i just dont wanna miss the first one in my country
12/9/09 12:49:43PM
Well, you've got a pretty bad ass card.

Big Nog vs. Velasquez
Wandy vs. Bisping
Cro Cop vs. Rothwell
Jardine vs. Bader
Bonnar vs. Sosznynski
Reljic vs. Dolloway
Kim vs. Lytle

I wanna see every one of those fights. I wish they would come to Louisiana with a card like this.
12/9/09 4:16:09PM
i like going to the local bw3 wild wings to watch the fights because my wife hates it. but im going to memphis this weekend to see the ufc live. im excited, i have been looking foward to it for weeks
12/10/09 5:26:55AM
well it ain't like england australia is a continent, i think all of the locals there will be there they should easily sell out there
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