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2/21/10 12:31:37AM
9-0 69 points :D
2/21/10 12:31:55AM
yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh boy
2/21/10 12:31:57AM
Not exactly how I thought that fight was going to go.
2/21/10 12:33:38AM
I would hate to have to fight velasquez
2/21/10 12:33:42AM
Velasquez is ready for a title shot. I'd love to see him and Dos Santos go at it for a #1 contender.
2/21/10 12:33:47AM

Posted by Aether

9-0 69 points :D

Props have been given!

2/21/10 12:34:29AM
Brock is way too big for him.......I hate his size, with Brock on top of you your cardio will be used quickly
2/21/10 12:34:48AM
Velasquez just put Lesnar, Mir, and Carwin on notice
2/21/10 12:35:53AM
great card, great fights, and the aussie crowd was pretty awesome as well.
2/21/10 12:38:20AM
I am still so impressed with Velasquez
2/21/10 12:39:46AM
yeah I picked UD, that was destruction.
2/21/10 1:00:54AM
Velasquez is the one guy Lesnar would have trouble getting down.

I'd love to see Cain test Lesnar's rudimentary striking.
2/21/10 1:02:05AM
Not to say that Velasquez's punches weren't devestating but this is the second fight Nog has lost by way of knockout. He'd never been finished before Mir and now Velasquez dominated him. I'm wondering if Nog has hit a turning point. Yes, he beat Randy but Randy is 45. He doesn't have the step he once had. I don't like it but I'm seriously thinking that all of Nog's fights have caught up with him.
2/21/10 1:06:08AM

Posted by ncordless

Velasquez is ready for a title shot. I'd love to see him and Dos Santos go at it for a #1 contender.

The only upside to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira losing tonight is the ability for Dos Santos to actively seek a title fight.

I would rather see Dos Santos put on hold and see Lesnar fight Velasquez over Mir or Carwin in July. Dos Santos vs. Velasquez sounds like something that may be for a title this time next year.
2/21/10 1:10:56AM
I've been expecting Lesner to fight the winner of Nog/Cain , I can't see Mir/Carwin winner coming out uninjured and so soon.
2/21/10 1:11:51AM
Man, anyway you hack it. The Heavyweight division is back with a vengence. Dos Santos vs. Velasquez would be epic. Mir vs. Carwin ought to be epic. And any combination of Lesnar fighting those four should be great. I know Mir looked bad in his last fight against Lesnar but I really think he retooled his game for what Lesnar intends to bring. After seeing Velasquez tonight, I'm no longer sold on Lesnar having the Heavyweight division under lock and key.
2/21/10 2:24:46AM
gaah! what a great card!

I said Valasquez would win Second round KO a while back and I got ish for that. I changed my mind last minute and went for the decision. GAH!
2/21/10 2:34:03AM
Extremely disappointed that Nog lost that way, he'll be back. Wand winning was just beyond awesome though, it probably should've been ruled a TKO. I dont know why refs usually let it go with 1-2 seconds left, he looked he was going to be knocked out if that continued, imo.
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