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2/21/10 6:13:07PM
Who do the competitors from last nights event take on next?

Nogueira - Kongo
Cain - Mir/Carwin Loser
Wanderlei - BELFORT!!!!!
Bisping - Belcher
Ksos - Jardine
Bonnar - CUT he just cant win against anyone worthwhile for the UFC to keep
Stevenson - Guida
Sodapopilus - Maynard
Jardine - Ksos
Lytle - Marcus Davis 2!!!!
Perosh - CUT
Crocop - Rothwell
2/21/10 6:32:03PM
No way Bader fights Coleman
2/21/10 8:34:57PM
Ill bite..

Nogueira - Tough break for Nogueira, if it didnt seem like a sure thing between Rothwell/Cro Cop I would like to see Cro Cop and Nogueira rematch. But I dont think it happens.... but I could definitely get behind a Nog/Carwin match (if Carwin loses). Or a Nog/Gonzaga matchup.

Cain - Very impressive last night... I would like him to stay active and fight Dos Santos (if he beats Gonzaga) - because it appears the winner of Mir/Carwin gets the next shot.

Wanderlei - Looks to be shaping up to have a fight with Akiyama according to Dana White.

Bisping - A fight against him a Marquardt makes sense. No use to try and build Bisping back up, have them fight each other when they are both in a "must win" situation.

Ksos - Looks like it will be the re-match between Bonnar.
Bonnar - ^^^^^^^

Stevenson - Rob Emerson - dont really have any reasoning behind it.. but as odd as it sounds it should make for a decent fight.

Sotiropoulos- 5-0 in the UFC, Stevenson was a good test... I'd like to see him fight Sherk, Sotiropoulos is very active on the ground and it should be fun.

Jardine - Im not sure what the UFC wants to match him up with.. say give him a grappler like Matyushenko (doesnt matter if he wins or loses against Marshall) or Matt Hamill. I wouldnt cut him even though he has lost 3 in a row.

Bader - Im not sure, he's 4-0 in the UFC... Thiago Silva might be too steep a matchup for Bader at this point but I could see them making that fight. He might need a little more "seasoning" but I could also see him fighting either Vera/Jones.

Lytle - Somebody thats ready to throw down.

Perosh - They will probably cut him but I hope he gets a fight at 205. Pretty tough task accepting a fight with Cro Cop on 2 days notice.

Crocop - Rothwell or Noguiera

Te Huna- Brian Stann or Kyle Kingsbury

Prokrajac- Looks like he will be cut.
2/21/10 8:58:57PM
once again so everyone knows bonnar and griffin will never be cut dana said they are like his kids and won't cut them
2/21/10 10:54:18PM
Bonnar - Perosh
Krzysztof - Bader
Pokrajac - he'll probably get the ax
Te Huna - Cantwell or winner of Brilz/Schafer
Bisping - Reljic
Silva - Akiyama
Velasquez - winner of JDS/Gonzaga or title shot
Nogueira - Gonzaga if he loses to JDS
Sotiropoulous - Guida if he beats Gugerty
Stevenson - Matt Veach
Bader - Krzysztof
Jardine - Hamill
Dolloway - Catone or Okami
Reljic - Bisping
Foster - Hazelett
Lytle - Serra or Kampmann
Filipovic - Rothwell
Perosh - Bonnar
2/21/10 11:33:45PM
dude coleman was cut a week ago
2/21/10 11:38:21PM
i'll say
Velasquez -vs- loser of Mir/Carwin
Sotieropolus-vs-Nate Diaz
Bisping-vs-Belcher(someone else said this one)
Bader-vs-Thiago Silva
2/22/10 1:56:25AM
I would like to see...

Valasquez vs Dos Santos (if JDS wins his next fight)

Sotiropoulos vs Maynard... sounds like a good match to me.
2/22/10 7:31:58AM

Posted by karn501

once again so everyone knows bonnar and griffin will never be cut dana said they are like his kids and won't cut them

I can verify that I too saw this interview.
2/22/10 1:07:25PM
Bonnar and Perosh sounds like a nice fight.

IN all seriousness BOnnar should get another fight against Krystoff...should have been a no contest...and it was a damn entertaining fight.
2/22/10 1:13:51PM
Cain is going to fight Lesner for the belt, no way Mir or Carwin come out of that fight healthy.

Wanderlei will fight Akiyama if not Marquardt

2/23/10 7:11:06PM

Posted by sbulldavid

Cain is going to fight Lesner for the belt

Exactly what i was thinking
Cain gets Lesnar, then the winner of Mir/Carwin gets the winner of Cain/Lesnar
2/24/10 2:46:45AM
I really hope they don't cut Jardine and Bonnar..that's really all that matters to me at this point.
2/24/10 5:44:40PM
Nogueira - Cro Cop
Cain - loser of Mir/Carwin
Wanderlei - Akiyama
Bisping - Belcher
Ksos - winner of Luiz Cane/Diabate
Bonnar - Perosh (at 205)
Stevenson - winner of Uno/Tibau
Sodapopilus - Maynard
Jardine - winner of Schafer/Brillz
Bader - Thiago Silva
Lytle - winner of Yoshida/Guymon
Perosh - Bonnar (at 205)
Crocop - Nogueira
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