ufc 110 fighter cuts after tonight??

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2/20/10 7:51:59PM
honestly i really don't think anyone will be cut besides cro cop if he loses

i do think if wandy does lose he will still be in the ufc
as well as bonner and jardine and big nog

igor might get cut, hell maybe even cb dollaway

the mystique is gone for these pride guys, but i do think they will put on a show tonight
and do wish all of them plus bonner and jardine can win,

bonner and jardine have been in the ufc for a long time now,
if they lose 3 in a row, show some class and respect for these guys and give them one more chance
hell yuo gave houston 4 chances and for some reason ryan jensen has had like 9 lives now

it would be cool if it were bonner vs jardine rematch if they both lose tonight

can't wait for the fights in a mere hours away,
2/20/10 7:58:44PM
The only fighter i could see being cut is CC as well. I could see Bonnar being cut since he cant seem to win and he isnt a fan fave anymore either

If Wandy is cut, the staff at Zuffa will just make a joke of themselves. Wandy sales seats. He provides a great show and will always put asses in seats. I think Dana knows that, and so long as Wandy can get a win out of every few fights he will stay around just for the excitement factor.
2/21/10 10:24:43AM
I think Perosh, Igor, Haseman, and also if he would have lost CB.
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