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2/20/10 3:24:14PM
Since the event is locked so early and I have a little time on my hands, I thought I should do a thread like this. The person with the most correct predictions gets a prop and if I win another t-shirt from the site, I will ship it to you. Try to give a little description to maximize your chances of winning.

Fight of the Night: I've got Cain over Big Nog in a fight that Cain should controls but Nog always make things interesting. I see Nog taking a lot of damage on the feet and the ground but he'll threaten with an array of submissions and almost catch Cain in the 3rd.

Knockout of the Night: Left leg cemetery, Cro Cop takes Perosh's head off and has a couple more fights in the ufc.

Submission of the Night- Goran Reljic drops CB with a head kick and finishes with a rnc.
2/20/10 3:32:18PM
FOTN goes to foster vs lytle

SOTN goes to nogueira over cain

KOTN goes to wanderlei over bisping
2/20/10 3:36:49PM
KO: Wand
Sub: Reljic or Nog
Fight: Nog over Cain
Upset: Foster
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