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1/4/10 1:14:55PM

Posted by Thefridge1337

the fight was closer than you think round 2 was a 10-10 round should have been 29-29 decision takedowns are weighed to heavily Rashad not once tried to end that fight then again as i said before Silva should have put him away

No it really wasn't that close. Rashad WON, the judges didn't see it the same way you did. Weather you agree with it or not Rashad did what he need to do to win. I'm not even really a fan of Rashad but he still clearly won that fight 29-28. I agree take downs are weighed to heavily but that's the way it is and Rashad and Silva both know that. It wasn't like surprise TDs are now a huge part of scoring. Silva job was to stop those TDs which he was unable to do. Rashad totally nullified Silva's game for the first 2 rounds.
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