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11/22/09 12:16:10AM
Nothing like watching Tito come out before a fight.

11/22/09 12:17:43AM
Im shocked my stream is still up *knocks on wood*. Good card so far, exciting knockouts when on paper this didnt seem to be a great card
11/22/09 12:20:26AM

Posted by Shawn91111

Im shocked my stream is still up *knocks on wood*. Good card so far, exciting knockouts when on paper this didnt seem to be a great card

come on dude if your on sopcast dont be jinxing us, im absolutely shocked that the stream is still up, hasnt gone down once
11/22/09 12:22:22AM
The GNP begins
11/22/09 12:26:25AM
tito looks slow.
11/22/09 12:26:25AM

Posted by Macheetah

Posted by ncordless

I hope Forrest gets KOed for coming in to this song.

Oh come on it was an appropriate song for him.

I hate that song with my entire being. Just the thought of how crappy that song is makes me believe that humanity is doomed for creating such a black hole of suck.
11/22/09 12:26:49AM
Good first round. I had it 10-9 Forrest, but I think the judges will score it 10-9 Tito.
11/22/09 12:27:32AM
Is it just me or have they both lost a step?
11/22/09 12:32:23AM
Another close round. Not sure how to score than one. The sweep at the end may have stolen it but Tito got some good GnP.

I agree with Joe, these guys need to go for 5 rounds!
11/22/09 12:37:32AM
I have 1 for Forrest, 2 for Ortiz, and 3 for Forrest. 29-28.
11/22/09 12:38:22AM
That round was absolute domination for Forrest. If hed had a knockdown id say an easy 10-8.

Got this 29-28 Forrest. Really hope the judges are with me.
11/22/09 12:38:45AM
That third round might as well have been forrest vs a punching bag...
11/22/09 12:39:34AM

11/22/09 12:40:07AM
yeah, it was one-sided, but I don't think he really landed with enough power or did enough damage to get a 10-8.

lol, I guess that means ortiz-griffin part 3 in the near future.
11/22/09 12:42:40AM
Here come the exuses. Poor Tito. Just suck it up and take it like a man!
11/22/09 12:43:06AM


11/22/09 12:43:32AM
Tito and Forrest should join forces and create a heel tag team.
11/22/09 12:43:40AM
I ended up 4-5 with 22 points.
11/22/09 12:45:28AM
I think both are done being top tier fighters. They both looked awful, but it was a decent fight.
11/22/09 12:46:41AM
I thought the card was really good. Some awesome fights and finishes. Think ive gone 7-2 with about 50 points, which is nowhere near aswell as I thought id do going into the fights.

Really pleased for Forrest and little Nog.
11/22/09 12:49:58AM
I never really thought Forrest was a top tier fighter to begin with. I think he's the best he's ever been right now, but he had a pretty fortunate run to the title. He fought a crippled Shogun and then took a bad decision over Rampage on the verge of a complete mental breakdown. Rampage fought to like 20% of his ability and he still won the fight. I'd put him in the lower end of the top ten, but even when he was champ I don't think he was any higher than 7th or 8th.
11/22/09 12:55:37AM
Forrest ******* Griffin


Where the haters at now?
11/22/09 1:04:39AM

Posted by RMFG_187

Forrest ******* Griffin


Where the haters at now?

Didn't know that there were any?
11/22/09 2:35:00AM
I am very impressed with Lil' Nog.

One of my favourite fight of all time is Nog vs Shogun. So I am very glad to him win, win strongly against a decent opponent. He used very technical boxing, which I love to see in MMA. For those that don't know, Lil' Nog won third in the Pan-Am games for boxing. That combined with his Jits, he's a very dangerous MMA fighter.

To say the least.
11/22/09 4:09:56AM
Was anyone else BLOWN AWAY by Amir Sodallah's performance?
His game plan was FLAWLESS and i found it hard to see any fault in his fight.
Phil Baroni's a tough guy to fight and Amir is DEFINITELY not experienced and he showed way more skill and technical proficiency then I'd expect.
He's come a VERY long way since TUF and ofc i picked him
11/22/09 4:17:51AM
I dunno but you Canadians will know what I am talkin about. When I heard that the Uno fight went to a Maj/draw, all i pictured was the stadium quiet, with 1 guy holdin a pro-line ticket goin, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
11/22/09 5:58:15AM
A cracked skull

He can't be serious.....
11/22/09 3:30:33PM
5-4 with 56 points 90th overall, wow i must really be the man!!!
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