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11/21/09 9:41:25PM
Maaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, I am soooo impressed by all winners tonight so far. That Clinch is scary.
11/21/09 9:42:05PM
Someone needs to tell me wtf is going on. Marcus Davis just got KTFO.

Not to mention I'm 1-3-1 with 5 points.
11/21/09 9:42:29PM
Wow. Those knees are brutal. I figured when he destroyed Wolff, as impressive as it was, might of been more down to Wolffs lack of defence than Saunders being amazing. That was a very impressive showing though.
11/21/09 9:42:33PM
Davis just got KTFO!
11/21/09 9:44:35PM
They are showing Larson/Foster
11/21/09 9:45:15PM
I can't believe how empty the Mandalay Bay is!
11/21/09 9:45:50PM
I cant believe I listened to all these people and switched from Grove and Saunders, ****** myself over on this card
11/21/09 9:47:32PM

Posted by MMAcca

I can't believe how empty the Mandalay Bay is!

It's Vegas. It's still the prelims, they show up for the main card and the rich people show up for the last couple of fights.
11/21/09 9:56:17PM
Wow. Foster is for real. Larson looked scared in rd2.
11/21/09 9:57:18PM
looked more like a tap over a tko
11/21/09 9:59:37PM

Posted by 2hotty

looked more like a tap over a tko

Yeah I was thinking that.

Buffer probably didn't know, he saw Lavigne step in and stop the bout and assumed it was a TKO.
11/21/09 10:01:00PM
Really when you have your hands on the mat, you're a downed opponent? Dont really like that.

I wonder is Larson could cut to 155, doesnt look like he has anything to cut to make it though.
11/21/09 10:09:32PM
You gotta love Phil Baroni
11/21/09 10:09:38PM
War Sadollah! Get me a win!

Stay away from those hands!

Epic Baroni entrance by the way
11/21/09 10:11:02PM
I have Baroni by UD in the next fight.
11/21/09 10:11:04PM
props if anyone can pm me a good stream. All of the ones I'm finding are really really laggy.
11/21/09 10:12:18PM

Posted by Aether

props if anyone can pm me a good stream. All of the ones I'm finding are really really laggy.

11/21/09 10:20:33PM
Damn good first round. Amir's relentless with those knees.
11/21/09 10:21:10PM
wow, amir has major determination.
11/21/09 10:21:40PM
For those struggling to get a steady feed:


Round 1 - No touch of the gloves, and Baroni lands a quick right before clinching. He knocks Sadollah off balance with another shot. Sadollah gets to his feet and pushes Baroni into the cage. Baroni reverses and delivers a stream of blows as Sadollah tries to secure the clinch. On the break, Baraoni continues throwing and lands a couple, but Sadollah appears fine. Sadollah pulls Baroni in close and takes the fight to the fence. The fighters trade short punches while jockeying for position. Sadollah with a knee to the midsection. Sadollah eats a few knees to the body but answers with a right. Sadollah with the clinch and delivers knees while Baroni works punches to the side. Baroni with the takedown, and he stands over Sadollah, who pulls him in close. Baroni eventually backs away, and we restart. Sadollah with a front kick that lands before they clinch against the cage again. Baroni tries a guillotine and throws body shots but eats a right from Sadollah. Clinched against the cage again, Sadollah land a nice knee from the clinch. A second misses but the third lands, and Baroni dips for the single leg. Sadollah fights it off and delivers two more knees before the round ends. It's a close round, but MMAjunkie.com scores it 10-9 for Sadollah.
11/21/09 10:23:49PM

Posted by grappler0000

Posted by Aether

props if anyone can pm me a good stream. All of the ones I'm finding are really really laggy.


double ditto
11/21/09 10:24:27PM
Can someone either post a link or PM me for a link, thatd be much appreciated
11/21/09 10:27:36PM
Glad Sadollah is winning. Baroni giving it all he's got.
11/21/09 10:28:29PM
Baroni really needs to lose some muscle mass and get some more gas in that tank. To much muscle and its really slowing him down - showing.

Great fight though.
11/21/09 10:30:20PM
Never bet on a fighter who glows in the dark......
11/21/09 10:31:55PM
Hola for Sodollah!

Phil Baroni is a tough tough dude man. How much punishment can that guy take?
11/21/09 10:32:25PM
Wooo! 2-3 with 10 points!
11/21/09 10:33:06PM
shocked that didn't get stopped badass was taking a beating.
11/21/09 10:36:17PM
I'm 1-4 with 7 points.
11/21/09 10:38:41PM
man, zuffa is really getting their **** on lockdown. Every stream that gets put up goes down within a few minutes.
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