UFC 106: Jon Fitch vs Ricardo Almeida in the works for Nov. 21

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8/13/09 8:56:20AM
Fresh off his unanimous decision victory over Kendall Grove at UFC 101, MMAmania.com has learned that Ricardo Almeida (11-3) will finally get to make his welterweight debut when he tangles with 170-pound stalwart Jon Fitch (19-3) at UFC 106 from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Nov. 21.

8/13/09 9:18:42AM
Welcome to the WW division Mr.Almeida. Unfortunately you get Fitch.
8/13/09 9:29:55AM
i think this one is going to be closer than a lot of people think it will. in all likelyhood, neither guy is going to knock the other one out on the feet, so their ground games are going to determine the winner and i could see almeida winning this. its a tough task for sure, but i wouldnt overlook ricardo altogether.
8/13/09 10:02:34AM
Great fight. Almeida will give Fitch fits on the ground, but that'll make it interesting for a change. War Fitch, regardless though.
8/13/09 10:04:51AM
Neither guy has much ko power and for both, most victories have gone to decision. I think Almeida has a better chance of finishing the fight because of nasty bjj. But I see it going to decision and I see Fitch's takedowns dictating the judges' scorecards.
8/13/09 11:10:47AM
Fitch gets caught n a guillitine in almost everyfight, but works his way out...if Ricardo wraps his neck up in one, I dont know if he will be able to get out.

either way thats a good fight, but I kind of thought they would have gave Almeida a little bit of an easier first fight at WW ...to see how he handles the cut.
8/13/09 11:39:25AM
I dont see this fight hitting the floor tbh. I think Fitch will stay on the outside and try and box his way to a decision.
8/13/09 11:45:45AM
I like Almeida but I dont think he's up for that challenge.
8/13/09 12:25:26PM
This seems like a great fight on paper but once they get in the octagon I don't see this fight being all too exciting. Both their stand up games are below average so we won't be seeing a KO. Both of their ground games are very good. I see them canceling each other out and this fight will go to a decision. Probably whoever is on top for most of the 15 minutes is going to get the decision, I know it's not right but it's the way the judges see it.
8/13/09 12:46:35PM
good fight almeida has his work cut out for him
i think it will go to decsion but i am hoping fitch can ground n pound a win but i won't hold my breathe for that one
8/13/09 12:49:48PM
Fitch has been training his stand up diligently, and we all know that his wrestling is top tier.

Jon Fitch is put into a deep choke every fight he's in, but he always escapes.

He hasn't been submitted since Kelly Clarkson won American Idol. (this was also his first professional mma fight)

I like Big Dog, and his BJJ is downright nasty, but I just don't see how he is going to win this.

Likely another 30-27 Unanimous for Fort Wayne's finest.
8/13/09 3:59:02PM
I wish they would give Big Dog easier fight to start at 170 to adjust to the weight cut but I still feel he has a better chance than most will give him. For being undersized for MW he still outworks and over powers most of the guys.
8/13/09 4:00:35PM

Posted by KaibaThedon

Likely another 30-27 Unanimous for Fort Wayne's finest.

Wait...since when did *I* get signed up for a fight?

8/13/09 4:03:10PM

Posted by emfleek

Posted by KaibaThedon

Likely another 30-27 Unanimous for Fort Wayne's finest.

Wait...since when did *I* get signed up for a fight?

Didn't you hear?

Your set to face Wanderlei in December.
8/13/09 4:08:55PM

Posted by Mayhem13

Your set to face Wanderlei in December.

* taps out due to thought of strikes *
8/13/09 6:45:07PM
interesting concept. Both fighters like to fight on the ground. I could see this fight going 1 of 2 ways. The first is Fitch by unanimous decision or some how Almeida pulls off 1 hell of a submission. It might be hard to get Fitch in a hold but anything is possible.

My better judgement tells me to go with Fitch by decision as I see this match being long and drown out.
8/14/09 12:58:21AM
Ricardo Almeida is good enough with his jits to get the choke and finish it. But with the weight cut and the thought of his first fight being against a well rounded pressure fighter, i think that Almeida may gas about midway through the fight and lose the decision.

I wouldnt be surprised if almeida had fitch in a guillotine for most of the first round.
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