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7/13/09 4:31:02PM
UFC 105 is scheduled to take place in Manchester, UK, on November 14th.

It would be a great time to have either a Heavyweight or Welterweight Title fight, or pushing it a Lightweight or Middleweight Title fight.

However, I just can't see any title's being on the line, simply because it's in the UK. It looked like it was going to be Anderson vs. Bisping for the MW Title, but with Bisping losing that doesn't look like it's going to happen.

Recenty the UFC have been reluctant to have any big names in the UK, with the last 3 Main Events being poor in comparison to the usual Main Events. UFC 85 saw Hughes vs. Alves, UFC 89 saw Bisping vs. Leben, and UFC 95 saw Sanchez vs. Stevenson.

So, what does everyone think the Main Event of this event will be? Personally I can't see it being anything special with probably a couple of guys ranked between #5 - #10 in their weightclasses going at it.
7/13/09 6:16:22PM
Lesner vs Fedor.... i wish
7/13/09 6:33:37PM
Hopefully its Hendo vs Wanderlei 3 at MW!!!! But im not sure that would be the appropriate main event for the setting. The UFC will probably want their main event to have a fighter from Europe in it.

I really cant think of a single match that would be main event quality at this point....But if they made the event free im sure CroCop vs Kongo 2 would sell and maybe Hardy vs Swick as a co main event
7/13/09 6:41:42PM
mkiv Hendo vs. Wandy would be sick!! But with Wandy just having fought in the Europe and Hendo having fought in Europe twice in a couple of years now, I can't see them making either of those guys fight in the UK again (at least not for a while).

I was thinking about Cro Cop too, him vs Kongo would be good but maybe a little bit risky as Kongo is certainly no slouch, and that fight is definitely not Main Event material, but then again neither was Bisping vs. Leben or Diego vs. Stevenson.

I'm not allowed to say anything about the UK guys and who will be fighting on the card but there will most likely be quite a few of them, don't get your hopes up on Hardy fighting Swick at UFC 105, not yet anyway.

It really is hard to think of a fight that would be Main Event worthy, I think the biggest fighter's theyd be willing to put on would be maybe Frank Mir or Matt Serra.
7/14/09 3:51:07AM
Matt Hughes vs. somebody.....maybe Jon Fitch? idk
7/14/09 4:40:45AM
Diego vs. Penn/Florian winner.

I'd assume Bisping would want to be on the card, maybe a co-main event facing someone like Grove ?

Just throwing some names out.
7/14/09 6:00:13AM
I may be stepping out on a limb here and maybbe it's more hope dream match then anything but maybe GSP vs Bisping @ MW Since there is no one left for GSP in WW and he's loved around the world plus it would be a nice fight for him, he'd be fighting a credible MW much more credible then Silvas LHW opponent (James Irving) A win over MB and GSP's chances at Silva look much better, a win over GSP and Bisping is among the best... although I do think a win in the states would mean even more, Brock can handle the boos can the count?
7/14/09 6:43:22PM
Swick is fighting Kampmann at 103, so you can rule swick out. It was also stated at UFC 100 that the winner of the above fight would then fight GSP for the WW title.
7/14/09 8:21:08PM
My guess is Bisping vs Wanderlei
And maybe
Frank Mir vs Kongo as well
7/14/09 8:35:38PM

Posted by Mayhem13

My guess is Bisping vs Wanderlei
And maybe
Frank Mir vs Kongo as well

UFC 105: Guys who got KTFO by Hendo
7/14/09 11:33:40PM
As much as I'd like to see Bisping be mauled by Wandy, I don't see them punishing Bisping with a brutal KO two fights in a row.
7/23/09 11:42:47PM
if wandy vs bisping falls threw look for cote name to be drawn next
i think ufc 106 in vegas will be sanchez vs florian but if penn wins it will be interesting since penn stated he would never fight in vegas again
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