UFC 105 dvd, Fight missing from the dvd?

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2/14/10 8:22:28PM
Has anyone noticed on the ufc 105 dvd that Roli Delgado vs Andre Winner isnt on the dvd? anyone know why? i hadnt noticed until my friend just mentioned it to me
2/15/10 2:58:30PM
I checked a lot of places with no real answer the only thing I can think of is since it was 2 ppv's they couldn't fit that one on there
2/15/10 8:15:46PM
lol they shoulda put that fight on there since it was a nice Ko, and leave off that boring ass fight between couture and vera lol
2/16/10 6:33:25PM
Such a great KO went overlooked? Bum deal for Andre. Roli got KTFO!
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