UFC 104 Medical Suspensions

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10/27/09 8:49:35PM
The CSAC has issued the medical suspensions from UFC 104, and it's sure to add fuel to some fires. While most fighters got 30-60 day suspensions except for Pat Barry getting 180 days without doctor's clearance (wrist), the big story was UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida getting 60 days and 60 days no contact for a cut...but Mauricio Rua was not suspended.

10/27/09 9:20:41PM
"Adding fuel to the "Rua won" fire, "Shogun" was not issued any suspension."

Oh boy
10/27/09 9:23:13PM
I'm sure some one on sherdog will do something with this. But we're above that right guys? I mean "after the fight Georges spent the night in the hospital and I went out partying"-- BJ Penn

Come one....
10/27/09 9:41:49PM
By that logic, did Stephan Struve lose to Denis Stonjic? Sturve had a canyon running down his forehead from an elbow and Stonjic basically tapped to exhaustion. Just because someone was more hurt winning a fight doesn't mean they didn't win.
10/27/09 10:05:20PM
I want to be clear that I ment Oh boy let the see I told you shogun won remarks begin. I do think Shogun was the winner but in no way does this prove it.
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