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8/9/09 6:42:22PM
Check it out.
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8/10/09 12:44:54AM
I got Franklin by decision and Dos Santos by KO. Undercard is stacked though
8/10/09 1:25:03AM
Belfort vs Franklin is gonna be a craaaaazy fight. Good to see Belfort is beginning his rise to the top again.
8/10/09 10:25:26AM
really good main card alot better than the philly one
8/10/09 10:42:13PM
when do these go on sell?
8/11/09 4:52:04PM
cant wait for this UFC , one of the best for this year i think so far, looking forward to Rich and Vetor to get it on in the cage, i still dont know who i'm picking yet, and Cro Cop is back , im looking for a KO from him this fight.
great undercard to
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