UFC 103 vs Floyd Mayweather and HBO

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8/19/09 8:32:21AM
September 19 is a big day for both boxing and MMA. Jim Lampley may be shaking in his boots. The HBO announcer has trashed MMA saying it will never compete with the biggest names in boxing. Well, it's put up or shutup time as a Floyd Mayweather pay-per-view card in Las Vegas is pitted against UFC 103 in Dallas. According to Lampley, the biggest stars in boxing will eat the UFC alive.

8/19/09 9:04:57AM
I have a feeling that boxing will get more viewers..... especially since Mayweather is fighting.

But I would LOVE to be wrong!!!
8/19/09 10:13:42AM
Mayweather has won...

Boxing always takes priority with PPV's in Australia for some dumb reason.. Everytime there has been a major boxing PPV and UFC PPV, We miss out.

Then we get it at full price on delay the next day!

UFC 70, 85 and a couple others I cant think of right now, But we didnt even get UFC 100 LIVE!!!
8/19/09 10:56:47AM
PPV companies are ruled by the dollar.

Write your provider and tell them you want the UFC event, have your friends do the same.

If enough people ask for it they'll show the boxing on tape delay.

I just hope you have A LOT of friends!

8/19/09 7:38:55PM
I'm a huge MMA fan but I'm watching Juan Manuel Marquez v. Mayweather. I'm far more intrigued by that fight than the main card on the UFC event. Plus, in my hood the Coronas will be flowing like water on M.Independence day. ;)

8/19/09 8:17:58PM
I'm sure UFC 103 is going to be great but I am a huge Floyd Mayweather fan and I gotta order his fight against Marquez. I think more people are going to watch Mayweather's comeback instead of Franklin vs Belfort. Mayweather is just huge around the world and Franklin vs Belfort just won't draw as much attention.
8/19/09 8:31:48PM
103 is a slightly "weak" card, especially to the casual fan who may not know who Santos or Belfort even are..

I think Mayweather will smash this event in buys...and then run his mouth like usual. I think it would take a UFC 100 type card to compete with it.

Now if Dana decides to make it free...to take away from the boxing viewers...then that may workout...but doubt it actually happensa
8/19/09 8:42:32PM
You guys dont count out the UFC yet. Floyd has NEVER done good by himself. He's never sold out or had huge numbers by himself. Look at his last two fights, Oscar & Hatton, you had Oscar who can draw better then anybody in boxing history and Hatton had all the UK watching but before that Floyd was hardly famous. He dont have many fans cause of his mouth and the attendence looked horrible last I heard as I saw threads were people were using that as a theory why Floyd got "hurt". If anybody can take them out, its definitely the UFC.
8/20/09 12:54:09AM
You may be forgetting that this is happening on Mexican Independence Day and Juan Manuel Marquez is going to be going against Pretty Boy Floyd talking a lot of trash and making fun of the Mexican fans. If you don't think THAT will contribute to big buys---your out of your mind or you don't live in the entire southwest.

Seriously, I think this fight will be big. There wll be a lot of drinking in my varrio that weekend.
8/20/09 1:00:22AM
I'm a boxing fan but cant stand Mayweather. This fight is just another payday for Mayweather and a way of avoiding the true top challenger.
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