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POLL: Which scoring system will work best in mma?
10 point must. 24% (4)
Full fight scoring. 29% (5)
Fight to the death. 12% (2)
1 round 15 minutes. 12% (2)
Fight metrics scoring. 24% (4)
Other 0% (0)
8/9/09 12:25:12AM
I have never understood the 10 point system in mma. Mainly because there is only 3 rounds or 5 rounds if its a title fight. Many times scores come out inconsistant and just leave me puzzled .To prove my point i decided to take the scores that sherdog gave some of the fights tonight. Sherdog is one of the premeir mma sites which leads me to beleive that there journalists scoring should be spot on. While the ufcs judges which are not chosen by the ufc but the commision(by the way this is just what ive heard i have no evidence of this). Which means they should also be unbiased and quality judges.

Ufc scoring: Matt Riddle vs Dan Cramer
29-27 Riddle
30-26 Riddle
30-27 Riddle
Sherdog scoring: Matt Riddle vs Dan Cramer
29-28 Riddle

The ufc scoring suggests that this is a blowout.
Sherdog scoring suggests a close battle.
How is it possible that we get 4 different scores? The scoring system is to inconsistant.

Ufc scoring: Thales Leites vs Alessio Sakara
29-28 Sakara
30-27 Leites
29-28 Sakara
Sherdog scoring:Thales Leites vs Alessio Sakara
29-28 Leites

Once again very inconsistent scores.

Ufc scoring: Tamdan McCrory vs John Howard
29-28 Howard
29-28 McCrory
29-28 Howard
Sherdog scoring: Tamdan McCrory vs John Howard
29-28 McCrory
This was a very close fight that i thought could have gone either way.

On the main card sherdog has 3 judges so this will show us more views on how the scoring should have gone.

Ufc scoring: Josh Neer vs Kurt Pellegrino
30-27 Pellegrino
30-27 Pellegrino
30-27 Pellegrino
Sherdog scoring: Josh Neer vs Kurt Pellegrino
28-28 Draw
29-28 Pellegrino
29-28 Pellegrino

In this matchup there is also some discrepancy ufc scoring stating a dominant win for Pellegrino. Sherdog scoring stating a very close decision for pelligrino.

Ufc scoring: Ricardo Almeida vs Kendall Grove
30-27 Almeida
30-27 Almeida
30-27 Almeida
Sherdog scoring: Ricardo Almeida vs Kendall Grove
29-28 Grove
29-28 Almeida
29-28 Almeida

Once again we have inconsistant judging ufc scoring suggest a clear cut win for Almeida. Sherdog scoring suggest a close split decision for Grove.

In conclusion this is just one event in the worlds premeir mixed martial arts association and i have throughout 5 of the 6 decisions that happened tonight there were many discrepancies on how the fight went. I did not include the riley vs nelson fight as this was a dominant decision win by riley. I am dissapointed with the scoring system in ufc, i know that we may never have clear cut decisions every time like the riley vs nelson fight but i would like to see less controversial decisions. I do not think that it is the opinions of the judges but the scoring system that is at fault. In a fight that is less than 8 i think this system is inaffective. In boxing this system may work but in mma i want to see a new system

By the way these are solely my opinions and are not the opinions of sherdog or the ufc. I also posted this before the penn/ florian fight.
8/9/09 1:00:34AM
8/9/09 1:26:21AM
yeah mmaweekly and mmajunkie had simliar scores but nothing ever will be perfect in judging
8/9/09 7:35:59PM
I contend that Jeff Blatnik joining the judges in UFC caused this problem. He always said ridiculous stuff when he was the UFC color analyst in the early days. He used to say guys on the bottom were winning and that takedowns are meaningless. I doubt he has improved his outlook since them.
8/9/09 7:51:49PM
The scoring system is fine. The F'ups doing the judging are the ones that need to be replaced.

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