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8/8/09 8:19:21PM
0-1 hopefully Roop loses
8/8/09 8:21:37PM
Sotiropoulos wins via R2 kimura, acording to Junkie.
8/8/09 8:22:50PM
Yeah, nice submission by Sotiropoulous. I'm 2-0 so far with 21 points. Good start to the night.
8/8/09 8:23:07PM
I'm 1-1 with 7 points.
8/8/09 8:24:32PM
2-0 with 14 points good start, but ive been one round too early on each fight so far
8/8/09 8:25:42PM
1-1 11 points
8/8/09 8:25:42PM
Georgey boy with an early SOTN contender, nice performance.

2-0 with 21 points to start as well. Not bad. Getting the methods right, just having a bit of trouble with the rounds.

You know its a shame. From reading the Villefort-Lennox fight, it sounds like it was a pretty good tilt.
8/8/09 8:26:19PM
domination by george s.
8/8/09 8:28:03PM
This from Junkie just now on first fight: Marc Ratner stopped cageside and said the Lennox victory was ruled a TKO because the cut was determined to be the result of a punch, not a head butt. A replay shows that the determination was wrong, but the TKO stands for now.

Cramer-Riddle up now. Cramer seems to be over with the ladies.
8/8/09 8:34:50PM
Cramer is gamer than I thought, good TD defense.
8/8/09 8:46:37PM
It appears as though Riddle has taken home a Unanimous Decision victory!
8/8/09 8:49:27PM
the Riddler!!!!!! 3-0 w/ 42 pts

What was up with the scores (29-27, 30-26, 30-27) ?
8/8/09 8:50:14PM
I'm 2-1 with 18 points and hit the first fight in my parlay.
8/8/09 8:50:15PM
32 points 3-0

it looks like they are going to need to give riddle a real submission guy hes strictly a wrestler it seems I hope the next guy is good off his back (maybe sotiropolous) that way we can see what his stand up is like
8/8/09 8:51:03PM
2-1 22 points
8/8/09 8:53:15PM
Damn, took my chance with Cramer haha. Well, I'm still 2-1 with 21 points. Let's go Leites.
8/8/09 8:53:17PM
3-0 32pts, looking good so far

I picked Penn and Forrest to win tonight :-/
8/8/09 8:54:17PM
3-0 with 32 points Sounds like it was a good tilt, can't wait to see both guys back!
8/8/09 8:56:33PM
first parlay fight fails, damn you riddle
8/8/09 9:00:59PM
Just think if Silva/Leites was in Philly, there would have been a riot.

Sakara needs to tko thales!
8/8/09 9:06:33PM
Just got home...3-0 so far.

Anyone else watching the ESPN Preview Special?
8/8/09 9:14:17PM
Sakara upsets Leites. SD. 2 29-28s Sakara, 30-27 Leites. Junkie had it a Draw (29-29).
8/8/09 9:14:18PM
Kevin Iole from Yahoo! sports is twittering live and he says both of Lietes and Sakara should be dropped from the UFC...neither of them tried to win.

Also "Maybe it wasn't Anderson Silva's fault after all. This fight totally sucks."
8/8/09 9:14:21PM
am I reading this right? Alessio Sakara wins a split decision after running away?
8/8/09 9:14:24PM
Alessio Sakara beats Leites by split decision

3-1 with 32 points.

Didn't see that one coming. What has happend to Leites?
8/8/09 9:14:31PM
Suck on that Thales!!!!!!!!! I have no idea how he earned that title shot.....
Play by play sounded horrible, philly is ready to riot.

Sakara by SD, (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)
8/8/09 9:18:10PM
are you kidding me? sakara won? why the hell cant they get scoring right in mma? its not this damn difficult that there should be splits every damn card
8/8/09 9:18:16PM
Damn it, stupid Leites. Very dissapointing loss for him. Got 2 in a row right, then got 2 in a row. Hopefully, my luck turns around with the next fight. Kick some ass Barncat.
8/8/09 9:18:44PM
I can already tell this is going to be my worst event in a looooong time. 2-2, 18 pts.
8/8/09 9:23:39PM
4-0 37pts, another good start. Man I hope forrest pulls out the win!
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