UFC 101 KOTN, SOTN, and FOTN Predictions.

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8/2/09 2:35:31PM
Mine are:

KO-Silva over Griffin

Sub-Neer over Pellegrino

Fight-Riley vs Nelson

What say you?
8/2/09 2:37:36PM
FOTN: Pellegrino UD Over Neer.
KOTN: Silva Over Griffin
SOTN: Almeida over Grove.
8/2/09 2:43:51PM
FOTN: Pellegrino over Neer UD
KOTN: McCrory over Howard
SOTN: Leites over Sakara
8/2/09 2:48:31PM
FOTN: Pellegrino over Neer
KOTN: Hendricks over Amir
SOTN: Leites over Sakara
8/2/09 3:27:07PM
KOTN- BJ over Florian
SOTN-Thales over Sakara
FOTN- tie w/ Neer over Kurt and Forrest over Andy.
8/2/09 3:28:49PM
FOTN: Neer vs Pellegrino

SOTN: Sotiropoulous over Roop

KOTN: Lennox over Villefort
8/2/09 4:07:00PM
KOTN- Anderson over Forrest
SOTN- Sotiropoulus over Roop
FOTN- Penn over Florian
Upset- Hendricks over Amir or Grove over Almedia (whichever is bigger)

8/2/09 4:38:41PM
KO - BJ over Kenflo
Sub- Leites over Sakara
Fight- Silva vs. Griffin
8/2/09 5:14:42PM
FOTN: Pellagrino over Neer
KOTN: BJ over Kenny (Only cause it's the main event)
SOTN: Leites over Sakara
8/2/09 6:23:11PM
KOTN:Silva destroying Forrest
SOTN:Mcrory over Howard
FOTN: BJ beating Kenny
8/2/09 7:52:19PM
fight of night probably pellegrino vs neer
ko silva over griffin
sub leites over sakara
upset hendricks over amir
lousy fight of night borefest riddle vs cramer
8/2/09 7:53:51PM
KOTN: Hendricks over Amir
SOTN: hard to pick....to many offers
FOTN: Silva vs Forrest (Forrest UD!!)
8/3/09 1:24:01AM
KOTN: McCrory over Howard
SOTN: Leites over Sakara
FOTN: Forrest over Silva.
8/3/09 1:57:59AM
KOTN-hendricks over amir
SOTN- Bj over Ken-flo
FOTN- Spider over forrest
8/3/09 8:38:23AM
KOTN: Riddle over Cramer (to be different...WAR CHIPPER!)
SOTN: Leites over Sakara
FOTN: Penn vs. Florian
8/3/09 10:22:01AM
KOTN: Kendall over Ricardo, Allesio over Thales
FOTN: Forrest over Anderson
SOTN: Josh Neer over Kurt, Danillo Villefort over Jesse Lennox

I really see Anderson losing a lot of power when he moves up to fight Forrest. The only reason i'm saying this is because Forrest took 25 minutes of rampages punches. No one has kicked him in a crazy manor. When Anderson gets the clinch i see Forrest just picking him up and doing whatever he wants. i cant see Anderson submitting him. I don't think Forrest will finish Anderson, if he does it will be a submission. This is MMA anything can happen. I'm saying Forrest over Anderson baby FOTN!
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8/3/09 8:16:58PM
florian over penn FOTN
anderson silva over forrest KOTN
Ricardo over grove SOTN
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