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8/1/09 10:16:22AM
Hey guys im going to the ufc 101 fight and i definitely wanna meet some fighters get some autographs if possible but i dont have a fight club membership so i cant go to the Q & A does anyone have some good advice as to maybe wat time i should go to the weigh ins and how to meet some fighters any advice would be helpful thanks
8/1/09 10:22:28AM
if it isn't in vegas it will be hard to meet fighters if ur not a fight club member get in line very early, people line up hours before the weigh in to get a good seat, it will be packed but mostly for the public, i checked already only a few hundred fight club members and that is low for a ufc event, i would say bring a book and get there at least 2 hours ahead of time, u always meet mma fans at these things, u can talk mma for hours time will go by fast
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