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3/19/09 2:09:54PM


the top three are obvious...are the other two going to come from these, or can we expect another 'BIG" fight.

my guess is colman/bonnar and akiyama belcher.

colman bonnar is win/win for the ufc, either a fighter they obviously like and respect (bonnar) beats a legend, or a legend beats a "name"

i expect they want akiyama to make a splash, so they might feature him.

3/19/09 3:32:24PM
Akiyama vs Belcher is definetely going to make the main card. Coleman vs Bonnar could easilly make the main card as well--but I think I speak for the majority when I say: I hope it doesn't.

I can't help but be a little disspointed. It's a great card, but I was expecting a few surprises, and I think Hendo and GSP's bouts are going to be pretty one-sided. Hopefully there's another big fight on the horizon.
3/19/09 6:01:38PM
I think that there will be a bigger fight than Bonnar/Coleman on the main card. I hope so at least.
3/20/09 12:37:47AM
Akiyama is going to tear him apart..
3/20/09 1:46:46AM
I hope this isn't the final card. I got the impression that UFC 100 was going to be something epic. Right now, the New Years show had a more impressive card than this. I think Joe Silva and Dana have much more in store for us, they just don't want to let the hype out to early. We still have 3 months to go, and if I'm right, UFC 100 will only become more stacked.
3/20/09 8:08:09AM
i heard that bonner fight will be a prelim with akiyama fight on main card as well as fitch fight

card is pretty much a done deal with last fight added is cb dollaway vs ??
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