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7/11/09 9:26:28PM
Alright Miller!

I'm 4-1, 37 points, + $166, and hit the first 2 parts of my parlay.
7/11/09 9:26:45PM
Round 3 - The crowd roars as the third round get started, and Danzig seems to feed off it. Miller smiles and lands the first jab of the round. Danzig now becomes the aggressor before sprining to life with a series of punches. However, when he shoots, Danzig tags him with a perfectly timed knee to the face. Miller gets the takedown, anyway. However, Danzig gets to his feet quickly, breaks free of the clinch and restarts in the center of the cage looking like a someone shot him 20 times with a paintball gun. Miller works inside leg kicks, but Danzig pushes forward. Miller secures another takedown, and Danzig desperately throws punches from below with a high guard. He secures one arm with his legs, but Miller easily breaks free and looks again to pass guard. Danzig tries to roll him over, but Miller backs out and takes his back. Miller gets in his hooks and attempts a rear-naked choke. Danzig defends, grabs an arm and tries to muscle free. Miller reins him back in, locks in the choke deeply, and tries to force the stoppage. Just when it looks like he's out, Danzig slips free, takes top position and rains down punches as the crowd cheers him on. However, he runs out of time. MMAjunkie.com scores it 10-9 for Miller in a bloody, one-sided affair.
7/11/09 9:30:31PM
is any one else watching beves and butt head
7/11/09 9:34:21PM
Dana just confirmed the 100k bonuses.
7/11/09 9:34:24PM
ufc and danzig in a hard place. TUF winner and now 3 straight losses. Ouch.
7/11/09 9:40:14PM
3-2, 36pts....meh
7/11/09 9:40:47PM
(UFC president Dana White dropped by press row to inform us the UFC 100 "fight night" bonuses will be worth $100,000 each to commemorate tonight's event. Those are the biggest bonuses ever.)

7/11/09 9:49:24PM
Coleman might actually win this thing
7/11/09 9:52:08PM

Round 1: No action early as Coleman watches Bonnar fake moving in. After 35 seconds, Bonnar throws the first punch and misses. Coleman shoots and quickly puts his opponent on his back. Bonnar grabs a leg and forces Coleman into a akward position by trapping an arm between his legs. Coleman is turned away from Bonnar, which allows him to work for a knee and ankle. Coleman looks to fold up Bonnar and drops a punch punch to his belly, and he then moves into north-south position from the top. Bonnar tries to roll free and eventually secures half guard. Simultaneous "Coleman!" and "Bonnar!" chants erupt. Bonnar gets back to his feet. Coleman hangs on to him and eats a quick burst of elbows to the head as Bonnar kneels over him. Bonnar continues the strikes as Coleman is on all fours with Bonnar pinned with his back against the cage. Herb Dean keeps a close eye on the action as Bonnar now looks to secure an arm. He again locks in arm between his legs and then tries to take Coleman's back. The awkward positioning is favoring Bonnar, who mixed in the occasional elbow to the side of the head. Bonnar works a kimura in the final seconds but is stopped by the bell. Coleman had it early, but MMAjunkie.com scores it 10-9 for Bonnar.

Round 2: Coleman patiently waits for Bonnar to engage before shooting for the takedown. Bonnar fends it off and a following attempot and then find shis mark with a couple punches. On the next one, though, Coleman catches him, takes his back, drags him to the mat, and take top position. A big elbow strike opens a deep, deep gash on Bonnar's forehead. The dueling chants recommence as Bonnar provides the latest fountain of blood. Bonnar works ground and pound from the top, but Bonnar works from the bottom with short elbow strikes. Bonnar looks got a possible gogoplata before giving it up. Coleman rises up over him but looks like he's running out of energy and nearly loses top position. Coleman pins him down while against the cage, but Bonnar sits up and loosk to get back to his feet. Bonnar secures one arm and delivers strikes from below. Coleman fends off Bonnar's attempt to get back to his feet and then takes his back when Bonnar tries to get back up again. Bonnar is forced to roll over on his back, and he eats a couple hammerfists because of it. Bonnar stays active from below and outworks Coleman for the final 30 seconds. MMAjunkie.com scores it 10-9 for Coleman as both fighters labor to get back to their feet.

Round 3: Coleman looks a bit gassed and remains flatfooted as Bonnar throws punches to open the round. Bonnar bounces with head movement before he's backed up with a couple nice rights from Coleman. Coleman shoots again, but Bonnar sprawls and gets back to his feet. Coleman clings to him from a kneeling position but then joins his opponent standing. Coleman pins him against the cage and then secures another takedown. Coleman frees a leg and works from half guard while the fighters are tight up against the cage.
7/11/09 9:54:53PM
I will be pissed if coleman wins, seeing as at first i picked him, then changed to bonnar and took money off of coleman.
7/11/09 9:56:27PM
Coleman wins 29-28 on all cards

3-3 with 38 pts.
7/11/09 9:57:40PM

Im going to go and try enjoy the fights and not worry about my picks.

7/11/09 10:15:34PM
I have 27 points right now.
7/11/09 10:30:02PM
That tattoo of johnny cash has to be one of the most hideous I have ever seen. Sorry to be off topic but WTF was he thinkin. On another note at least I bet Lawlor cause +600 was too big. I still picked CB tho. Bonnar just sank my parlay , I bought into all the cant lose coleman was gassed from climbing stairs at weigh in..etc.
7/11/09 10:38:10PM
close fight
7/11/09 10:38:34PM
anyone streaming this? what sites are working well?
7/11/09 10:40:10PM
Akiyama by SD... I saw it the other way, but 2 and 3 were close.
7/11/09 10:40:19PM
7/11/09 10:43:01PM
sherdog and junkie scored it both for Akiyama

i agree akiyama won 1 and 2 belcher won 3
7/11/09 11:00:12PM
Dan Henderson showing once again what can be done with one punch for a striking game... WOW
7/11/09 11:00:53PM
Wow . YES!

Hendo is da man. That was a highlight reel KO.
7/11/09 11:01:24PM
holy **** i thought bisping was dead
7/11/09 11:02:06PM
I thought he killed him for a minute there. Beautiful KO
7/11/09 11:04:10PM
Hendo wound up for that punch like he was throwing home from the center field wall.

What the heck was Bisping doing? It was like he didn't respect the right hand at all the whole fight.
7/11/09 11:12:13PM

i had Hendo by KO then changed it to UD just a couple days ago!!!!
7/11/09 11:12:43PM
where is Fitch vs Paulo?
7/11/09 11:49:16PM
GSP is going to get the UD.
7/11/09 11:55:53PM
did i miss it?
7/11/09 11:58:26PM

Posted by Thefridge1337

did i miss it?

I hasn't happened yet... I am not sure what is going on.

Junkie says that Fitch/Thiago will happen after the main event.
7/11/09 11:59:50PM
ok went to the bathroom and came back to gsp alves
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