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1/3/09 12:23:26AM
Well after I got some positive reception for my 10 Fighters to watch post and getting into a good debate about UFC 100 i thought it would b e cool to try and predict the exact UFC 100 fight card. But what better way than to have everyone participate.

There's no real rules or pts per se but it will be cool to be able to look back at this thread when it happens and see how close people got.

If you're gonna do this take ur time and let us know why u think the fight is gonan happen. Be mindful of medical suspensions (if you don't know how long a fighter is suspended type "UFC XX Medical Suspensions" into google. If the fight was outside the US there is no real medical suspensions so any fighter in that case is open game.

I'm not going to put any of mine in yet, as i want to sit down and really look through ALL the fights possible and see if i can do better than i did with picking Vera on my fighters to watch list!!!

This isn't a dreamfight thing, this is a perdition thread. If you're going to put Gracie/Shamrock you're probably in the wrong thread (unless you have some amazing reasoning!)

I'm going to start working on this tommorow, let's see how many fights we can pick right!

Keep in mind the UFC is going to be "swinging for the fences" on UFC 100. It is very possible all televised fights will be fights that could headline a card alone. Matches like LIddell/Couture IV is a concivable fight (though not that probable IMO) and could easily be like the opening fight on a card like this....
1/3/09 9:09:43PM

Machida VS Rashad


Mir VS Ovreem


In their prime (okay,I know this isn't fantasy fights but I can wish)

Matt Hughes vs Saku


Josh Barnett VS Brock Lesnar

At catch weight

Anderson Silva vs GSP

I know this card won't happen,but after 1 Sapporo's and 3 bud lights this looks reasonable.
1/3/09 9:31:54PM
Machida vs Rashad sounds pretty reasonable and a real possibility...
1/3/09 9:55:33PM
Well I'm going to make my first pick Mir/Lesnar II

Dana has said the UFC is going to do something special for it. It will recieve ALOT of media attention for whatever reasons the media does what it does.

Putting Brock on the card gets a TON of buys and will draw more attention Being this is a rematch that only helps more for buys.

If this happens I'm almost sure it would be the main event.

So now I only got to come up with like 9-10 more!!!

Edit: As far as a time timeline it works out pretty well. The date i keep seeing all over the plae for this event is July 4th and it will probably take the UFC a month or so to sign the fight and that will leave 5 months for a training camp. Works too well not to happen IMO unless they just want the fight sooner.
1/3/09 10:48:24PM
I agree with Mir vs. Lesnar 2, perfect amount of time.

I think as a #2 or #3 spot on the card
Chuck Liddell vs. Shogun
Will happen.

95 out of 100 matches against coleman shogun wins injury free, leaving him very fresh and allowing him to fight again soon enough for a match-up in july.
Dana has openly expressed interest in that match-up many times in the past and recently.

1/4/09 1:03:04AM
Chuck Lidell vs Shogun Rua- This fight seems inevitable and it would make a great clash of UFC LHW poster boy vs Pride LHW poster boy. Assuming both win their next fights I fully expect it to happen. There's so much highlight reel footage of both fighters, it could make for on of the best promotional countdowns yet.

Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir- This is a hotly rumored bout for UFC 100 and makes perfect sense. It will be the obvious homerun main event the UFC is looking for.

Rashad Evans vs Quentin Jackson- Ideally I would like to see this be yoto Machida, but unless he puts on a spectacular performances that ingratiates himself to a larger chunk of fans, he will likely play second fiddle to Quentin; the more popular star. I'd still love to see this fight as well and it seems like a no-brainer, but it's also hard to see the UFC waiting 8 events to put the belt on the line again.

Randy Couture vs Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera- Both fighters seem to need a little break away from the cage, and would probably be ready by UFC 100.

GSP vs Thiago Alves - This could also easilly be Kenny Florian vs BJ, or Thiago Alves vs BJ depending upon the outcome of UFC 94.

Other possibilities...Bisping vs Rich Franklin or Hendo, Anderson Silva vs Demian Maia, Wanderlei Silva vs Nate Marquardt (If Silva does indeed drop to 185).
1/4/09 1:06:12AM
HW Lesnar vs Mir 2
Kongo vs Gonzaga
Nog vs Couture

LHW Liddell vs Shogun
Jackson vs Franklin
Machida vs Evans

MW Amir Sadollah vs Kendall Grove
Anderson Silva vs Hendo 2

WW Alves vs GSP
Koscheck vs Jon Fitch 2

LW BJ vs KenFlo
Sherk vs Stevenson

lol unrealistic but amazing. 5 title fights in one night.
1/4/09 3:53:09PM
Mir vs Lesnar II

Rampage vs Liddell III

Henderson vs Shogun

Anderson vs Rashad

...stranger things have happened...
1/4/09 5:43:00PM
Main Card(seven fight main card)

HW Championship
Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir 2

WW Championship
Georges St-Pierre vs Thiago Alves

LHW Championship
Rashad Evans vs Quinton Jackson

LW Championship
B.J Penn vs Kenny Florian

Randy Couture vs Antonio Rodriguo Nogueira

Anderson Silva vs Chuck Liddell(LHW Fight)

Michael Bisping vs Winner of Hendo vs Rich

Undercard(five fight undercard)

Clay Guida vs Tyson Griffin 2

Denis Kang vs Yushin Okami

Cheick Kongo vs Antoni Hardonk

Roger Huerta vs Gray Maynard

Ryan Bader vs Krysztof Soszynski
1/5/09 4:03:37PM
I'm going to make my second pick of Liddell/Silva II. Would be a huge PPV seller and would draw every old PRIDE and UFC fan to the event and expose them to the new crowd of mma fighters...

As for timing Wandy is suspended with no contact till Feb 12th. So that would allow 5 months for Wandy to train and we all know Chuck seems content with fighting once or twice a year so waiting till July should be no prob for him. Plus Wandy is saying he wants this match.

So my first 2 are:

Mir/Lesnar II
Liddell/Silva II
1/5/09 7:18:57PM
I'm now making my third of Penn/Florian for the LW title

Win or lose BJ has shown he never seems to cut or bruise, so barring a bone break will be well off medical suspension and have enough time for this fight. And we all know Florian is in a holding pattern right now so he will be good to go.

I dont really see more than two title matches (maybe 3 at the most) so this should be it for my title match pics.

And Kennedy is already 0-1 with his picks as Gray is fighting Jim Miller at UFC 96.

So my current picks are:
Mir/Lesnar II (main event)
Penn/Florian (sadly enough co-main event)
Liddell/Silva II
1/7/09 5:58:07AM
BJ vs Kenny
Sanches vs Nate Diaz
Sherk vs Guida

Jon Fitch vs Anthony Johnson
Ben Saunders vs Mike Swick
GSP vs Thiago Alves

Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami
Nate Marquardt vs Denis Kang
Rich Franklin vs Paulo Fihlo

Rashad vs Rampage
T. Silva vs Keith Jardine
Lyoto Machida vs Chuck Liddell

Gonzaga vs Mir (I think Gonzaga or Couture have the biggest chance of beating MIr)
Nog vs Couture (this fight should have happenned a while ago)
Brock vs Kongo (2 huge very good HWs)
1/7/09 6:49:18AM
Main Event:
HW Title FIght
Brock / Mir 2

Co-Main Event:
LHW Title Fight
Rashad / Winner of Thiago-Lyoto

Ceremony Honoring Early Pioneers with HoF for:
Big John McCarthy
Don Frye
Pat Miletich
Maurice Smith
Frank Shamrock

Main Card:

Alves / GSP (if BJ is WW champ, this could be for #1 contender)
BJ / Florian for LW Title
Nog vs. Randy
Shogun / Rampage
Overeem / Hunt

Seven Fights, No PRELIMS

1/14/09 11:39:05PM
MIr vs Lesner
Couture vs Nogueira

Wanderlei vs Franklin
Jackson vs Evans

Henderson vs Bisping

St Pierre vs Alves

Penn vs Florian
Sanchez vs Sherk
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