UFC 100 Forgotten Storyline: Is Paulo Thiago For Real?

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7/8/09 8:36:40AM
Among the storylines somewhat hidden due to the stacked card at this weekend's UFC 100 is whether or not Brazilian Paulo Thiago has the goods to become a true welterweight title contender.

Thiago debuted at UFC 95 in February, signing a one-fight deal. His opponent was Josh Koscheck, making Thiago a decided underdog in the match, but shockingly, he TKO'd the usually durable Koscheck in the first round.

7/8/09 10:39:47AM
no one really knows much of anything about the guy outside of the fact that he KOd kos, or at least i havent heard much of anything. at this point the jury is way out on him until after this fight. if you bet on him you are humming the greatest american hero theme song and hoping on that wing and a prayer, but who knows, maybe hes got the goods to be a star.
7/8/09 11:22:29AM
I wouldnt mind seeing Paulo tko'ing Fitch here, but Im not betting on it. I wonder how far a win here would propel him in the division.
7/8/09 11:31:15AM
7/8/09 12:29:11PM
Let's not forget that Paulo looked pretty bad against Koscheck up until the very end. I say that was a flash in the pan and Fitch should easily beat him.
7/8/09 12:51:10PM
Fitch by a grinding out a UD....send paulo to the prelims.

OR... paulo wins and (if its another impressive victory) leap frogs the division and gets a title shot....

but fitch takes it....
7/8/09 1:50:44PM

Posted by emfleek


7/8/09 2:08:27PM
no one gets two hard fighters in a row unless u are for real!!
but i do think paulomis way over his head with fitch
fitch won't quit!!
7/8/09 2:47:22PM
I can list a number of fighters (some UFC proven and some not) that have come off "big" KOs of big names and followed up with a more realistic or poor performance(s). I am also talking about UFC/Pride level. If a guy went back to some lower level org and dominated, I didn't count that. Emphasis given to those with *

Gabriel Gonzaga*
Terry Martin
Joe Lauzon*
MAtt Serra*
Keith Jardine*
Brandon Vera*
Rob Emerson
Matt Wiman
Denis Kang*
Jason Lambert*
Diego Sanchez

Ones that have shown that lightning doesn't just strike once

Jr. Dos Santos
Mike Swick
Houston Alexander (in his case only twice)
Shane Carwin
Rashad Evans
Anthony Johnson
Sokoudjou (in his case only twice)
Lyoto Machida
Vitor Belfort

The bottom line IMO, is that because anything can happen and anyone can get KOed by even mediocre strikers, you need to see about 3-5 fights before you really get a sense for whether they got lucky or not.

Guys that still need to follow up with one or more fights to seal their "legitimacy"

Brett Rogers
Paulo Thiago
Brock Lesnar
7/9/09 9:32:51PM
This guy looked horrible against KOS, KOS knew he had the guy beat before he even got into the fight, and that has his problem, he dropped his gaurd and got tagged.

Fitch will finish the fight.
7/10/09 2:21:22AM
fitch and kos are from the same training camp so this is, in a sense, a revenge match
i hope it goes better than leben's attempt to avenge herman via mcdonald
pretty sure fitch will dominate
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