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5/1/09 7:21:31PM
i spend over a hour rating all the fights they had to offer
i saw that alot of fights were not even in the top 174 fights
and i was suprised in some that were

i own over 60 ufc dvd's and believe me after every dvd i watch i marked down the top 2 fights of each card

some didn't make the cut like roger huerta vs leonard garcia for one
or even tito ortiz vs forrest griffin or vs evans

i wont go into critizing the fight picks, i will be very curious to see what the top 10 will be

i gave only 3 10's maybe another 3 9's
some 8 some 7
alot were 5 or below
one of the 10's i gave was silva vs lidell
it was the best fight of 2008 i thought, lived up to hype, and out of every ufc event i have been too i never stood for 15 min screaming my guts out for a fight

but overall
i have spend alot of money over the years to go to these things live, my family and friends critize me for it, wasting my money they say,
but seeing alot of these fights make the top 174, top 100 and even top 20 of all time i am pround to say that i was there!! i was a part of history!! and to see it take place live was well worth the money i spent and memories to last a lifetime
5/1/09 8:41:57PM
Man, if watching the UFC is your passion then nobody has the right to criticize that. A lot of people spend their entire lives earning money and doing nothing but paying bills and spending it on stupid **** that will provide them with little to no memories. At least you're pursuing a passion that will give you many fond memories. That deserves props

As for the top 100 fights not having Garcia vs. Huerta... well, I dunno what to say about that. It's one of my personal favorite fights. I can't possibly see why it wouldn't be on the list
5/1/09 8:42:17PM
Ive just been through as well. Some awsome fights on there but also some strange fights.

Glad to see some old school fights like:

Royce v Kimo
Frye v Abbott
Couture v Belfort 1
Couture v Rizzo 1
Hughes v Newton 1

Cant wait to see the final Top 100
5/1/09 8:43:53PM
Another fight which should have been on the list IMO is

Chris Leben v Terry Martin
5/1/09 8:53:20PM
where is the list??
5/1/09 9:35:37PM
Its on the Spike TV website.
5/2/09 1:03:15AM

Posted by prozacnation1978

some didn't make the cut like roger huerta vs leonard garcia for one
or even tito ortiz vs forrest griffin or vs evans

Yeah, they have Tank vs. Cabbage but no Garcia vs. Huerta. Super whack.
5/2/09 2:10:01AM
I was really bummed to see Pete Sell vs Scott Smith has only a 6.6 average.
That was one of the only 10s i gave
5/2/09 10:35:00AM
I spent a good hour on these as well. Some fights made me raise an eyebrow (Cummo vs Crocota?), but for the most part they were well selected.

I gave Couture vs Sylvia, Griffin vs Bonnar, any fight with royce gracie and some others tens.
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