UFC 100: In defense of Brock Lesnar

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7/13/09 4:41:35PM
At UFC 100 on July 11, Brock Lesnar soundly defeated Frank Mir in front of a hostile crowd and millions of viewers at home to unify the UFC heavyweight championship.

The former WWE superstar spent eighteen months preparing for that moment. In fact, since his debut at UFC 81 in February of 2007, Lesnar has done nothing but listen to how green he is.

And how he couldn’t finish Heath Herring at UFC 87 despite the fact that the “Texas Crazy Horse” has no ground game. Or how he was losing to Randy Couture at UFC 91 but scored the win because Father Time robbed “The Natural” of his reaction speed and Lesnar has giant mitts.

Leading up to his rematch with Mir, everything about Brock was how awful he was technically, how preposterous it was that a 3-1 wrestler was championship material. Mir even offered to train him after the event to help him become better.

7/13/09 7:50:01PM
Does anyone else's wife/gf hate Brock Lesnar?

My buddy and his wife were over, and both our wives absolutely hate the guy. I just laugh because I watched pro wrestling when I was a kid and I get the joke.
7/13/09 10:15:06PM
I know almost everyone & the media are riding brock's butt about what is did at UFC 100. But what does everyone expects him do to kiss the butt???? Like alot of his supporters are saying " no one gave him the respect of the other that he fights with. They call him a freak show etc........." my thing if you want respect than you will give respect. And no one has given him any of that. i say his actions are justicified by did to the people that were booing and Frank Mir. And the rest of it was just plain funny.......LMAO
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