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4/13/07 7:12:31AM
Since i got so many requests at 1.5:1 i think this is worthy of 2:1 odds so the first few to send me them gets them :)
4/13/07 11:33:03AM
The fight will be a lot closer than that.

Has anyone actually taken this bet?
4/14/07 9:47:53AM
yes so STFU putting people off!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Anybody else wanna send me a $50-$75 for $100-$150?
4/15/07 10:50:15AM
Still have $75 to go on this

People keep sending me wagers and putting round specifics in, these are only for if you think it ends in the 1st but the other person thinks it will end in the 2nd and to have the wager over that - to just have it about who wins you need to leave the fight end time blank

send me $75 for $150 - or - $50 for $100 - or - $25 for $50
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