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4/17/08 5:30:54PM
i was just wondering what this fight card would be like, would they treat it like a normal UFC event or would they put some monster fights on this card?
4/17/08 5:34:49PM
i think they would do a monster card.

I personally think they should do a Tournament to honor the old days.
4/17/08 6:20:33PM
i would like to see at least 3 title fights and nothing but big names for the rest of the card!! or the tournament idea would be good
4/17/08 6:59:54PM
agree. definetly more than one title on the line, some massive names, a few speech's from some of the greats, and maybe some big news for the future
4/17/08 8:08:14PM
UFC 100: Blood, Sweat, and Years

Main Event:
Champion Anderson Silva vs. Champion Georges St. Pierre
Co-main event:
Dan Henderson vs. Chuck Liddell
Wanderlei Silva vs. Rich Franklin
Brock Lesnar vs. Heath Herring
Roger Huerta vs. Mac Danzig

Thats all I can come up with right now. Im guessing UFC 100 will be sometime around August of next year. I hope they would put together a main card somewhat of what I have above.
4/17/08 9:57:37PM
love t osee GSP and Anderson Silva here would be sickest fight in MMA history and would like to see Bisping fight a top dog at MW and get Wayne Weems on this card to
4/17/08 10:37:46PM
A tribute would be almost a gurantee. Big name fighters on the card, multiple title fights, possibly the signing of some new talent, HOF induction. I think if they did a tournament style, they would have to start it months in advance and have the finals on that card. I don't think the UFC will have fighters fight more than once in one night anymore. MW and LHW tournament final for the title, and #1 contender fights for the rest of the divisions. These would be alright in my opinion.
4/17/08 10:54:14PM
maybe a multi title night, but other than that and some HOF inductees i hope they dont jeopadize the flow of the UFC to bring back some out of TIME fighters to make MASTERS fights or some shit. UFC 100 GREAT, but dont over do it. REALLY!!!! Buisness as usual or as close to as possible
4/18/08 1:34:33AM
If they have the rights to use the old logo, they should maybe do something with that, like an old school octagon mat or something. That old logo was sick!
4/18/08 3:01:59AM
Definetly need a HOF induction ( Iceman ). A couple title fights ( Silva vs. To Be Defeated and Penn vs. KenFlo / Huerta ). And fully aired PPV card, complete with prelims, at least 8 fights in total. NO CANS! Give the fans the respect they deserve. We remember UFC 1, give us something to remember 10 or 15 years from now.
4/18/08 9:36:25AM
St. Pierre won't be the champion when Serra beats him down
4/18/08 9:41:52AM
UFC 100 should be better than all the other events with every title being up for grabs
4/18/08 1:23:27PM
They would def promote this like crazy. What I'm wondering is if they really will just continue 101, 102 ect. It isnt as catchy.

GSP vs Anderson Silva sounds like the perfect fight along with two other title fights
4/18/08 3:36:00PM

Posted by WalkHardAllDay

UFC 100 should be better than all the other events with every title being up for grabs

it would be amazing
4/18/08 4:27:00PM
UFC 100 should be held in japa and be a open weight class grand prix, the ufc could also do this and slap the pride name on it to get them off their back in the courtroom
4/18/08 6:03:37PM

Posted by Pitbull09

They would def promote this like crazy. What I'm wondering is if they really will just continue 101, 102 ect. It isnt as catchy.

GSP vs Anderson Silva sounds like the perfect fight along with two other title fights

i kno i agrre imagine UFC 200 or sumthing that would be crazy
4/18/08 6:43:56PM
y dale que es tarde con la misma mierda de Silva-GSP
4/18/08 9:58:07PM
gsp vs silva is the best main event you can have
4/19/08 11:46:32AM

Posted by murphy_16

and get Wayne Weems on this card to

And maybe Blake Bowman?
4/20/08 4:34:53AM
I'd love to see a card with every belt up for grabs...I doubt they would do it, but its a cool idea.

7/10/08 8:35:37PM
GSP would get hurt, plain and simple, he would crack just like when he fought serra the first time.
7/11/08 1:57:27AM
I could realistically see UFC 100 having at least two title fights on it, surrounded by other huge fights.

Anderson Silva to fight whoever for the LHW would be huge, or GSP to fight Anderson for the MW title also.
10/14/08 10:07:50AM
Ufc 100

Just a wishlist for some fights. If it’s to be the biggest thing ever, you need 5 belts on the line and the best names you can find. I’ve always loved Pride more than UFC but now UFC have the opportunity to create the greatest card in MMA history. Only the UFC’s surrounding the event might be a bit lack lustre if this was to happen. Still a guy can have dreams can’t he.


1-BELT)Nog/ Mir vs Brock/ Couture probably Nog vs Couture ( The mini tourney will probably come to heads around then)
{The real trick would be to resolve the tourney and sign Fedor ,at least for a one off }
2-BELT)Evans/Forrest vs Lyoto ( By that time Lyoto’s turn would have come up if he stays undefeated)
3-BELT) Anderson vs Bisping (Something for the English fans)
4-BELT)GSP vs Sanchez (if Sanchez can stay healthy and GSP can best BJ)
5-BELT) BJ vs Florian (this fight has been coming for awhile, it can be a good one)
6-Brock vs Coleman (needed for UFC to cement Brock as their new ground and pounder. Coleman also first appeared in UFC 10, it would be fitting)
7-Wandi vs Vitor II (a great rematch for the older fans,)
8-Rampage vs Shogun II (a rematch sure to draw attention, Shogun must fight)
9-Mir vs Mirko (Dana says Mirko can return whenever he wants. A good contrast of styles. Would Mirko pass up the limelight of UFC 100, or Dana a chance to see Mir submit him? It begs the question)
10-Rich Vs Tamura (Rich Competed in UFC 50 it would be nice to find him an opponent for 100. How about they bring over Tamura, for the Japanese fans? He’s a major player and it would be his first and probably only appearance in UFC. Or bring back SAKU for an expensive hurrah. Maybe even Minowa deserves a chance)
11-Royce vs Shamrock (It’s your fantasy UFC 1 relic match. Which can’t happen for many reasons, but it’s on the wish list)
12-Chuck vs Hendo (Two big names that need to fight on this card, and guess what, they have never fought)
13-Werdum vs Heath (What would UFC 100 be without a special hairstyle from Herring. 100 shaved into his head. This would be a good fight)
14- Overeem vs Gonzaga (Welcome to the UFC Alistair lets see if you can do what Mirko couldn’t. A good Dutch fighter in the UFC is needed)
15- Genki Sudo vs Nate Diaz (Would UFC 100 be special without a dance number entrance from The Neo Warrior. It doesn’t matter who he fights, just as long as he goes for a flying armbar or a giant swing. And I like Nate Diaz)

If ten of these were to happen it would be cool
10/14/08 10:51:39AM
yeah man the got 2 go ballzzz out make it like a five hour card with live perfomences for the entrance themes
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