Less than 5,000 tickets sold for upcoming UFC 157 pay-per-view headlined by Ronda Rousey

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1/3/13 10:31:59PM

Posted by Bubbles

I strongly disagree with the notion of putting a title fight (women's or not) on the first couple PPV slots. Machida vs Hendo should have been the headliner with Rousey vs Carmouche as the co-main.

1/4/13 12:34:25AM
You all have brought out some very good points....so many that I have not given any props for this thread as there are just so many great posts. From the casual vs hard core fan point, to Hendo vs Machida being the main, to the need to build the division, to how mismatched the bout is, and especially the historical value. Simply said this was a mistake by the UFC brass and despite how you personally feel about WMMA this isn't the fault of Rousey or Carmouche.
1/4/13 2:20:55AM
If the UFC wants to sell more tickets for this event, then they simply need to switch the main event and the co-main event. My reasoning is time. Rousey has finished every single opponent she's had, both pro and am, in the 1st round. So why are we giving her 5 rounds? However, since this is a title fight it'll automatically be 5 rounds, so let's make Hendo/Machida a 5 rounder as well. An FX card main event would have been my choice for the first WMMA in UFC history, but I don't call the shots. I'll definitely try to watch, but no way am I paying for card
1/4/13 5:12:49AM
im not the 1st to say it, but this is my opinion:

Rousey's first fight shouldve been on FX or FOX if they wanted it to be a headliner. i have no problem w/ it being on a ppv, but i do have a problem w/ them trying to make me think it deserves ME status over HENDO vs MACHIDA. not Browne vs Silva or Ellenberger vs Hendricks.... HENDO vs MACHIDA!!!!
you cant expect your hardcore fan or average fan to think this fight is bigger than either of them fighting, much less fighting each other.

also, the injury bug has to affect ticket sales too. you really dont know who is going to be on the card you buy tickets for if you order them 3 months in advance.
1/4/13 11:41:46AM
I have to wonder whether these numbers are even out of the ordinary for the UFC.

If it wasn't the first UFC card headlined by a WMMA fight would any journalist make a story out of ticket sales about 2 months ahead of the fight? 5000 tickets could be the norm this far out and none of us would know any different. Its not like they would promote an event before the 4 taking place before it.

If this card does that poorly I don't think the outcome would be the entirely fault of WMMA or Rousey either, it will also be because Henderson, Machida and Faber's drawing power have reduced. Whether they are headlining the card or not shouldn't affect whether people pay to see them.
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