I'm back from vacation! Glad that's over.

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7/19/11 1:17:57PM
I haven't ever taken a legit vacation from life or work as a grown ass man. But I'm closing in on 30 so I figured I was due. I did some camping with the family for a few days then hopped on the Harley to make my way to the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Lets just say things didn't go as planned. My six hour ride to the hills was delayed twice by motorcycle failure. The first time we spent 2 1/2 hours at a shop in Mitchell, SD. After then riding through a few hours of heavy rain my bike completely dying on me while I was going 80 mph down the interstate. That resulted in a two hour wait for the towing service and a $250 bill to haul my ass to Rapid City. That was proceeded by another $130 in motorcycle rental so I could actually do some riding while I was there. Both times the mechanic found faulty wiring so the service bills were only another $80 a piece. But the down time waiting for repairs really cut into my riding time which sucked.

Meanwhile, after I headed west the in-laws came to camp with my wife and kids. Shortly upon their arrival my mother-in-law wound up flying off of a huge trampoline thing and landing on the ground pretty hard. They took her to the ER; only brused ribs but as a result they decided to head home early. Naturally this upset the kids who were no longer interested in camping either. So my wife took them home a day early as well.

So after all the dicking around with my bike I decided that I wasn't going to deal with the headache of trying to ride it eight hours home and have to hope for the best. The wife wasn't exactly please when I came rolling up to the house on this:

But hey, I had to do something to make this vacation seem worth while.
7/19/11 1:58:10PM
Vacation's are exhausting.....it's like, you need a vacation from your vacation

Cool ride yo
7/19/11 2:11:20PM
Vacation? Does not compute.
7/19/11 2:16:50PM
Grandma's and trampolines don't mix.
7/19/11 2:28:15PM
Sounds like a movie from an independent film company. Perhaps it makes you appreciate your "normal" life?
7/19/11 6:31:40PM
Hopefully our trip next weekend to Chicago goes a little smoother.
7/19/11 7:53:09PM

Posted by kopower

Hopefully our trip next weekend to Chicago goes a little smoother.

No lie. This trip was brutal. We had a plan of all the little mini road trips we wanted to go on; all the things we wanted to see. But instead of stopping along the way and taking pictures we literally would have to drive by landmarks and just keep on cruising in order to cover even half of the ground we wanted to.

I really want to plan a return trip with my wife for next summer since she's never been there. But after everything that went wrong this time around I'm thinking it's probably safer to just use google street view from home.
7/19/11 10:59:08PM
Man, that sounds like a National Lampoon's vacation or something! That seems to be the way it goes though.... Glad to have you back here in "the real world"!

7/19/11 11:28:02PM
Any video of your mother in law flying off the tramp?
7/20/11 1:20:36AM

Posted by Shawn91111

Any video of your mother in law flying off the tramp?

Nope. And my wife wasn't too happy when I asked the exact same question to her before even inquiring if grandma was ok. The slight chuckle that I couldn't hold back probably didn't help matters either.
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