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POLL: Will You Be Watching the TUF 7 Premiere Tonight?
Yes 96% (27)
No 4% (1)
4/2/08 1:12:56PM
There's already a poll for UFN 13 so i was curious to see who is gonna hang around after UFN 13 to watch The Ultimate Fighter 7 featuring Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Forrest Griffin.

Me? I wont miss an episode, especially with Rampage on there.
4/2/08 1:35:55PM
i will be watching
4/2/08 2:13:26PM
I'm interested in seeing the new format... It sounds like they're going to show the majority of 16 fights in the first two shows, so they should be pretty exciting
4/2/08 2:24:33PM
I'll be watching. You never know what your going to see. Rampage and Forrest should be entertaining.
4/2/08 3:10:20PM
I will definately watch. I have to work early but (even though I DVR it) I cant wait another day.
4/2/08 3:18:34PM
Yea im defenately watching it, curious to see the new format too.
4/2/08 3:36:35PM

hopefully Dollaway fights tonight and does good..the kid is tough..I want to see him do well
4/2/08 4:58:08PM
I didn't really watch much of S6, and I didn't even know the premiere was on tomight, but I might watch (part) of it just to see the fighters and format.
4/2/08 6:32:25PM
I'm definitely watching TUF tonight . UFN is going to be a tough act to follow boy.
4/2/08 7:47:48PM
sixteen fights tonight - Forrest and Rampage as coaches - no I`m not interested
4/2/08 11:57:24PM
LMAO, Rampage was funny as hell!!!

"Some of those guys must have crapped themselves, I smelt it too."

"He isn't a very good listener, I'mma write this down....shoot, I can't spell what I wanted to write down."

4/2/08 11:58:34PM
Kind of disappointed that there were only 8 fights tonight. I have to wait another week to see Brandon Sene fight. I really like Amir, CB Dollaway, and Mays.
4/3/08 12:06:50AM
That one guy who had his debut MMA fight with just a few amateurs under his belt looked good. He has nice crisp strikes and looks far from lost on the ground, was nice and calm. I'll be looking out for him to go deep.

He just needs to become a better listener

CB Dollaway looked good too. But that one guy who fought Rampages friend, that man's going to get stomped badly when he fights a good striker. He has a nice long reach but he throws wide and that would lead to a GSP/Serra type ending with heavy straight punches in between the arms.

Nice week 's preview looked sweet, can't wait!
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