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11/12/12 5:02:03PM
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2011: Rebecca Black
2012: Nicole Westbrook
11/12/12 5:18:32PM
I'll give them credit for including the Sheriff's turkey costume from Thankskilling. Aside from that, I'm actually a little disgusted. The intentions of the fat cats behind this are very transparent. They made a shit ton of money off of Friday. Rebecca Black will have to endure years of therapy from all of the teasing/harassment, but they made a shit ton of money off of her, albeit unintentionally. To use the exact formula as Friday is to me saying that this young girl is to be the sacrificial lamb for the millions that will roll in when this presumably goes viral. I don't know the background behind the song/video, so I just hope I'm wrong. I doubt I am though.
11/12/12 5:27:48PM
What this isnt the next number 1 pop hit? I mean Kesha and Nicki Minaj are millionare superstars but THIS is stupid?...

Three words motherfuckers, chicken....noodle...soup......with a soda on the side fml
11/12/12 6:37:37PM
i have a song to put this to shame. It's been sitting on the shelf for a while but I just got a renewed interest to post it to youtube now.
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