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8/25/09 1:55:17PM
QB - Ben Roethlisberger
WR - Calvin Johnson
WR - Brandon Marshall
WR - Santana Moss
RB - Matt Forte
RB - Jonathan Stewart
TE - Jeremy Shockey
W/T - Mark Bradley
W/R/T - Julius Jones
W/R/T - Fred Jackson
BN - Tashard Choice (RB)
BN - Bryant Johnson (WR)
BN - Marc Bulger (QB)
BN - Billy Miller (TE)
BN - Alex Smith (TE)

K - David Akers
K - Phil Dawson

LB - Antwan Applewhite
DT - Craig Terrill
DE - Vaughn Martin
S - Hamzah Abdullah
CB - TJ Rushing
BN - Tank Daniels

I'm pretty happy with my starting lineup, with the exception of my defensive position players, who I'll be dropping tonight. They're easy to replace.

I'd like to ditch Choice and Bryant Johnson and pick up some suitable replacements that are a little higher on the depth chart.

Decent players on Waivers are pretty non-existent in this league. The most I can hope for is a trade or for someone to go down with an injury.

This is a rather unique league (obviously) and each year the commish changes the scoring and rules up a bit. I've been apart of the league for 11 years now and it's probably one of the more interesting leagues I'm in.

Overall, I think I did a pretty good job for having to auto-pick.
8/25/09 2:09:07PM
Not bad at all for auto. I'm not all that excited about mine.

QB Peyton Manning
RB Pierre Thomas
RB Kevin Smith
RB/WR Jonathan Stewart
WR Reggie Wayne
WR Wes Walker
TE Jeremy Shockey
D/ST Jets
K Ryan Longwell

I got Farve on bench along with some other good ones too.

Sucks for me because Stewart is hurt right now, and Pierre injured his knee recently.
8/25/09 3:20:38PM
I need to find a league to play in where all the players are active. I usually do the espn ones but some people just bail out of the draft.
8/25/09 4:47:25PM
my best two leagues....

How can i lose with Turner, Peterson, Moss, and Jacobs?
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8/25/09 7:20:22PM
Damn mkiv9! That first one is great! What was it a 2 team draft? Haha
8/25/09 7:26:05PM

Posted by Mayhem13

Damn mkiv9! That first one is great! What was it a 2 team draft? Haha

yeah dude what the hell?!?!?!?! you playing against 5 year olds?

AP, deangelo, moss , housh and roddy in the 1st team

AP, turner, jacobs, housh and moss in the 2nd...

and a giants defense + minnesota defense to go along with that with cooley and gonzo as TE's

not even to mentions your qbs... Ryan and shaub as a backup in the 1st and Shaub with romo as a backup in the 2nd !!!!

and i see you have wes welker on the bench in your 2nd league

seriously... who the hell are you playing with, mental patients? ( Sorry if I insulted anyone in your family or close friends... but like wow )
8/26/09 10:13:24AM
Haha its a standard 10 team league on espn.com......

I just happen to "accidentally" trade the fake adrian peterson(from chi.) For another top rb/wr....

8/26/09 11:07:09AM
My team from the ATT 14 man league.

Its a 2 points per reception league...so I took that in to consideration.

QB-Trent Edwards
RB: Reggie Bush/Beanie Wells
WR: Roddy White/Chad Ochocinco/Randy Moss
K: Ryan Longwell
Te: Kellen Winslow
Def: Pittsburgh Steelers
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