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9/3/11 5:41:22PM
Now that the UFC is on a major network like Fox, I think it would be a good idea for them to run an annual show equivalent to the World Series or Superbowl. Maybe a one night tournament of sorts, or perhaps all the fights crown new number 1 contenders in each weight class. Just something big once a year because if Dana White really thinks MMA is going to be as big as the NFL or MLB or the NBA, he needs to have a "Superbowl" of sorts for the UFC on free tv. Theres a reason why those sports are on the level they are, and that reason is people don't have to buy a pay per view every month to be a fan.
9/3/11 6:24:16PM
Won't ever happen
This is a huge fight but next year expect the four live fox events to
Have probably bantamweight and feather weight titles only on those cards
9/3/11 6:36:07PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

Won't ever happen
This is a huge fight but next year expect the four live fox events to
Have probably bantamweight and feather weight titles only on those cards

Only title fights in BW and FW aren't gonna bring in the big ratings IMO, at least not in the near future. I do feel, however, it is a good platform to expand the knowledge of the views in these two weight classes. But I feel until that viewership expands, it would be smart to mix in a few other title fights from the more well known divisions
9/4/11 2:05:32PM
I like this idea. The UFC generally has a pretty big card every year before the super bowl. I think it would serve them well to continue that tradition on Fox. Except now they could do the show same day, schedule it to start after the big game, maybe on taped delay. Fox has the Super Bowl in 2014, if they set up a card immediately after that, it will be ratings insanity. 10+ million at least, guaranteed.

Also, I have seen a lot of bitching about the quality of free cards. Not necessarily in this thread, but all over all forums since the Fox announcement. I just want to tell these people to knock it off. We have four free events, one in september, one with a title fight in october, and two free in November. There is no reason to complain. I thought we all learned from Fight for the Troops that just because it's not a big name card doesn't mean it can't impress. I would be willing to bet we will get some big fights on Fox, and then the UFC Live/ Fight Night style cards will be on FX/Fuel.

Hosting free fights on TV is great. I think if people got a glimpse of a Jose Aldo title fight on Fox, that would be a positive move. Look at Mayweather and Pacquiao. Those are smaller guys, but they are the biggest names in boxing right now. The lighter weight classes in the UFC provide just as much action and excitement.

Additionally, if all the "weaker cards" are aired for free on TV, I think that would increase the quality of the PPV cards and bring in some more buys. Just my thought on the deal.
9/4/11 6:27:09PM
I really like the idea of crowning a new number 1 contender in each weight class, making 7 whole fights feel really special. Now I know that the fighters close to a title shot in all the weight classes wouldn't just happen to have fights available around the same time, so mabey the UFC could just pick some random popular fighters or however they want to do it to make it work. I think it would be possible, and make for one hell of an annual free show.
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