UFC's Stephan Bonnar bitten by giant camel spider while detained by Bahrain airport security

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4/24/12 8:21:48AM
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Stephan Bonnar has a big personality, which can sometimes rub people the wrong way.

One such instance occurred last year, when "The American Psycho" got into it publicly with UFC Welterweight Josh Koscheck, regarding Bonnar using Koscheck's likeness on one of his "Trash Talking Kids" t-shirts.

Bonnar appeared on HDNet's "Inside MMA" earlier tonight (Apr. 23, 2012), discussing his recent trip to Bahrain where he, Rich Franklin and Keith Jardine visited with some U.S. troops who were serving overseas. Apparently, Bonnar and his shirts are back in the news, and you'll never guess what kind of trouble his clothing line got him into this time:

"We're getting ready to leave Bahrain, and I get detained at the airport. Jardine and Franklin get on the flight, and they take me in the room. They're asking me all these questions, and they're furious. One guy's comin' in the room and pointin' at me, all furious, like that. And, what I think is that, I had on the 'Young Assassin' shirt, with Melvin Guillard, and there's a guy with a turban with his brains spillin' out. I don't think they liked that too much."

4/24/12 9:51:14AM
and todays wtf award goes to stephan bonner
4/24/12 9:52:21AM
Nasty looking bite there
4/24/12 9:56:00AM
The shirt in question.

Poor choice in hindsight, but I like the shirt.

Get better, Bonnar. Let's hope those camel spiders aren't near what the hoaxes make them out to be.
4/24/12 10:50:09AM

Guess he doesn't need to see the movie then...
4/24/12 12:28:39PM
Very poor decision to wear that shirt in an airport overseas but that's still a great shirt that I'd love to own
4/24/12 12:34:55PM
Shirt is pretty cool. Those camel spiders are nasty.
4/24/12 1:23:17PM
Excellent shirt!
A person should be able to wear what he wants ( so we are told anyway in our countries with ninjas sneaking about in broad daylight, okay maybe not any more in France and Belgium!)

So stop the hypocracy.

America kicks nazi- fascist ass
America kicks islamic terrorist ass!
4/24/12 10:00:24PM
I used to like Bonnar...not any more. The shirt he wore is downright racist and portrays a very negative and completely erroneous stereotype. I don't blame Bahrain airport security one bit. Stephan gets a big thumbs down from me. The spider bite was KARMA.
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