what's up with the song switching on UFC dvd's?

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4/16/08 5:16:38PM
i'm watching the UFC 77 dvd, and i was in Cinci when that fight happened. Rich Franklin came out to "Welcome to the Jungle" and in the DVD it's some random rock song. Same with Anderson coming out to "Ain't No Sunshine" by DMX.

What's the deal?
4/16/08 5:47:23PM
nobody really cares
4/16/08 5:50:04PM
I now this pisses me off two. They play some gay instrumental songs instead of the theme music. What, are they offending people by playing the real songs on the DVD? If they do it on PPV, they should do it on the DVD.
4/16/08 5:53:18PM
maybe they arent allowed to... the music industry likes to sue for whatever money they can get out of somebody.
4/16/08 6:26:33PM
I'm assuming it's because the rights to the music can get quite expensive. This happens all the time with TV shows on DVD.

i.e. several episodes of Married With Children have an instrumental version of their Love and Marriage, while others have the Frank Sinatra version...it's a matter of keeping production cost down.
4/16/08 7:24:33PM
If they put the real songs on the dvd they would have to pay the the band and it would cost them quite a pretty penny
4/20/08 6:55:25PM
I noticed they changed Danzig's Jedi Mind Tricks entry music to some typical UFC metalcore on the rebroadcast of the TUF Finale during the season 6 marathon before the premiere of the new season. I didn't understand that choice, since JMT is indie and i doubt it was a matter of them being too expensive. He used JMT in UFC 83 also; will be interesting to see if they keep it on the dvd release.
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