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11/18/11 11:18:14PM
So back in May of this year i started a thread of Who u thought would be the Mt. Rushmore of MMA. I am doing it again to see if your Mountain has changed. Also, in this one i want u to give me Your Mt. Rushmore 5 years from now.

Mt. Rushmore in May (Not in Order)

1. Fedor Emelianenko
2. Royce Gracie
3. Randy Couture
4. Anderson Silva

Mt. Rushmore Today (Not in Order)

1. Fedor
2. Royce
3. GSP
4. Anderson

Mt. Rushmore in 5 years (Not in Order)

1. Fedor
2. Anderson
3. GSP
4. Jon Jones
11/19/11 12:03:02AM
Randy, Chuck, Anderson, and Royce
11/19/11 1:04:23AM
randy, royce, fedor, GSP. .cant bring my self to put andy up there out of pure dislike. its bad enough to put royce but at least he was a pioneer. honorable mention would be chuck
11/19/11 1:21:35AM
UFC: Couture, Hughes, St. Pierre, A. Silva
Everywhere else: Overeem, Henderson, Melendez, W. Silva
11/19/11 10:22:56AM
is it fighters only, cause TBH if there was such a thing i coudnt picture it without Dana up there
11/19/11 10:46:53AM
UFC: Royce Chuck Randy Hughes
Other: Fedor Wandy Sakaraba Cro Cop
11/22/11 2:09:51PM

Posted by king_katool

is it fighters only, cause TBH if there was such a thing i coudnt picture it without Dana up there

agreed, although I would have separate ones for pioneers outside the cage
11/22/11 2:20:21PM
1 - Royce Gracie
2 - Chuck Liddell
3 - Randy Couture
4 - Fedor Emelianenko
11/22/11 4:21:11PM
1. GSP
2. Anderson Silva
3. Fedor
4. Royce

Then Chael Sonnen will somehow blast A. Silva's face off and personally construct his face on the mountain over night.
11/22/11 4:38:48PM
Anderson Silva
12/13/11 7:16:15AM
Dana White, Art Davie, Chuck Liddell and Royce Gracie
12/14/11 7:39:38PM
Royce, Fedor, Silva, Hendo
True legends
12/16/11 12:09:40AM
if its mount rushmore than itsd the pioneers of the sport, not the best fighters now, andy silva and gsp shou;ld not be on there....

Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie, Randy Couture, and Chuck Liddell,,,you could also say Frank Shamrock, Matt Hughes, or Pat Miletich, or even Dan Severen
12/17/11 4:52:01PM
Wow no love for Tito at all lol
12/17/11 6:56:55PM
Shogun, Rampage, Penn, Fedor

If it was personal favorites it might be one or two different. But i think this is the my Mt. Rushmore.


Aoki, Hunt, Ni. Diaz, Na. Diaz, Palhares

The Mount Rushmore of Ultimate Awesome.
12/17/11 8:08:08PM
Royce (Washington), Fedor(Lincoln), Liddell(Teddy), Sakuraba(Jefferson) - So far, based on what they meant more than their record.

If I am going with overall goats, I'll take Fedor, Anderson, GSP, and save a spot for Jones. (Although there will probably be better fighters in the future that will challenge for a spot some day)

1/1/12 5:19:54PM
Rikson Gracie
Anderson Silva
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