I'm risking it all..

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2/25/11 3:27:20PM
And by all, I mean my avatar.

UFC 127 will be the war zone for my first avatar bet, and I'm actually nervous! My avatar means a lot to me, considering I use it to have some fun with upcoming events. I'll often change my avatar to fighters I'm supporting in upcoming events, usually switching fighters every week or so until fight time. (It's fight week, so I'm currently using Jon Fitch in the main event.) Well, it so happens I'm putting it all on the line!

I was surprised when I recieved a challenge from Rush13, considering I've never done an avatar bet and never really thought about it. I was even more surprised when the bet was on Alexander Gustafsson vs James Te Huna! He wanted Gustafsson. Gustafsson has a huge following and he's labeled as one of MMA's brightest prospects, so I knew that if I agreed on the bet I'd be a huge underdog. But, the bets wouldn't be fun if I didn't take chances! Besides, if I win, I now get to play around and have fun with two avatars instead of one!

So guys, wish me luck!
2/25/11 5:30:44PM
I think you're going to need a ton of it, so good luck!
2/27/11 1:58:36AM
Well, Te Huna lost, and that means I lost..

Do your worst, Rush! I will sport the avatar with pride!

.....until Thursday.
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