UFC's Return to Japan a Wasteful Vanity Act

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9/6/11 2:38:00PM
While I do believe there is a plan in place for the UFC to begin planting seeds in Japan for long-term success, now isn't the time to make those moves. I think the most overlooked problem for the UFC is that there isn't any sign that they want to change their product to cater to the Japanese fans. The UFC doesn't seem at all interested in attempting to bridge the cultural divide. Historically, that's been the most significant problem with American businesses heading to Japan.

The UFC wants to push their brand, their own style of what combat sports is to the Japanese. Unfortunately, the whole idea that the spectacle of American entertainment can draw in a crowd is only a novelty idea. History suggests otherwise. In fact, history suggests that Americanized versions of anything have failed miserably in Japan without some tweaking to fit into the culture. The vanity act will only falsely create an idea in the UFC's head that success can happen. It won't last.

Bloody Elbow

it's an opinion piece so I put it here instead of in the News. If it belongs in News Forum, move it please
9/6/11 2:41:33PM
I can see their points about how Americanized things have never worked in Japan, but I personally don't see how 2 guys fighting in a cage could go wrong.

I do think they should put Japanese guys on the card, but also throw in the former Pride stars too.

Can't wait to see how it turns out.
9/6/11 7:39:43PM
An opinion piece by anyone on Bloody Elbow holds about as much water with me as a child care book written by Casey Anthony. I'm not even going to read the article. Their site sucks and so do their opinions. I wonder if they thought UFC Rio was a bad idea too.
9/7/11 7:50:09AM
Because the Japanese model of MMA is doing so well. DREAM, WVR, Pancrase, they are all struggling to get people in their seats, and it's because they do the same formula that PRIDE did back in the day; putting emphasis on cartoon characters rather than legitimizing their fighters as athletes.

The Japanese model is failing, UFC already has a PPV market share in Japan which apparently works because they are bringing a live event there. The Japanese, like anyone else, want to see good, clean fights, and if anyone can do that, it's the UFC. In fact, I'm willing to bet the UFC has been researching this for a couple of years now. That joker at Bloody Elbow sounds like a butthurt PRIDE fanatic.
9/7/11 2:20:52PM
If anyone thinks that the arena won't sell out quick is crazy!!
The return of pride legends like big nog, shogun , w silva back in japan!!
Will beat out any dream card in the dust!!
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