What's next for Rashad?

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7/10/12 7:11:58PM
I have't heard anything about who he's gonna fight next. I know he teased about dropping to 185 to fight SIlva, but I don't see that happening. Any ideas who he could fight next?
7/10/12 7:28:04PM
His camp said today that he would not drop to middleweight. I was hoping he would, even if I think he should take a fight against a contender so he has a win before stepping in against Silva.

Here is the article.
7/10/12 8:05:08PM
I think it should be awhile before there is a possible rematch with Jones, unless Hendo beats Jones, then Rashad could get in the title mix quicker.

Probably 2-3 fights away from a title shot period.

There are some matchups out there.

Machida rematch
Griffin rematch, I'd like to see this for some reason
Shogun, matchup was supposed to happen along time ago
Te Huna and Igor rising, could be possibilities
Lil Nog, that could be good or bad with Rashad being a wrestler
Vladdy, experienced guy
Bader, depending on his next fight like some of these guys
Gustafsson, another rising guy
Hendo, regardless of the title or not
7/10/12 8:23:23PM
He needs to go ahead and fight Shogun since it was previously canceled abd he's already fought most of the other top guys.

If he does happen to drop weight I'd like to see him face at least two contenders before Silva.
7/10/12 8:40:34PM
20 listed some good matchups. I like the Machida rematch and the Shogun fight.
7/10/12 10:06:06PM
What's next for Rashad you ask?

More tv time at the FUELTV studios
7/10/12 11:22:42PM
Id like to see Rashad vs Lil Nog that to me seems like an entertaining fight, but I have this gut feeling Gustafsson is in Rashad future
7/11/12 12:31:56PM
I'd like too see him fight either shogun or gustaffson
7/11/12 2:06:04PM
I have a feeling he wants to drop to MW and fight Silva, but then people would say he was running from Jones. Shad probably won't move down until after he loses to JJ a second time.
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