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12/2/10 7:48:43PM
Inspired by an earlier thread today, i started thinking about who i thought the best 5 fighters were in terms of skill and skillset all time per division. With every fighter in their prime, who would be the favorties over their peers?

My take:

1. Fedor Emelianenko - Proven. Tested. True. Fedor takes #1, obviously.
2. Cain Velasquez - The young blood. With a skillset that enables control and cardio on a heavyweight, Cain Velasquez is going to give people problems that heavyweights can't really train for.
3. Antonio Nogueira - One of the good things about fantasy matches, you dont run out of time. I think back when he had a chin of steel and a heart of gold, Nogueira could out-last damn near everybody, and had good enough boxing to be competitive on the feet against the far majority.
4. Alistair Overeem - Not enough wrestlers successful in the division to capitalize on his weakness which is wrestling. Overeem is in his Broly-mode prime, he's dangerous against anyone on the feet.
5. Cro-cop - When he had incredible mobility, he was a grapplers nightmare. And on the feet he was k-1 level. Not quite the hulking monster that Overeem is, Prime Cro-cop was a technical demon. He had a defensive weakness, but im not sure many fighters could take advantage of it.
Wildcard: Bas Rutten Or Junior Dos Santos - My gut tells me Bas might have been tough enough to fight this fight on the feet and strong enough to get junior to the ground.

1. Shogun - Has had the most success against the higher echelon of LHW's than anybody else. Losses have come by questionable circumstances all but once. I'd bet on him right now over any other LHW at any point in their career.
2. Rampage Jackson - Power like an erupting volcano, Rampage was a dominant sprawl and brawler in the land where the sprawl and brawler was king. What pushes him up to second is his combination of chin/defense/ and heart. He and shogun were the best stand-up fighters in the division so far.
3. Lyoto Machida - Although his unsolvable riddle has now been broken, I think theres very few fighters with the skillset to hit machida or take him down. He probably has the best defensive all around skillset the division has ever seen. The kicks and the range are what push him over Chuck Liddell.
4. Chuck Liddell - Chuck could stop anybody his size from taking him down. I'd make no grappler favorite over Liddell. He was the most aggressive and punishing sprawl and brawler of the group, and his reach gave him the a unique equalizer against other strikers. His downfall was his defense, but his ironclad takedown defense kept him winning for as long as he did.
5. Wanderlei Silva - A hurricane of violence, with soccer kicks and stomps Wanderlei had just enough tools to continually attack you from bell to bell. Back in his prime he could brawl with an elite k-1 fighter for 5 rounds. His style had a hole against wrestlers, but luckily the spawl and brawlers decimated the legacy of any grappler at 205.
WildCard: Dan Henderson or Rashad Evans - Rashad has yet to beat an elite fighter in their prime, but we'll see against shogun whether or not he belongs on the list. Henderson had tremendous success against top tier fighters out of his prime, as well as beating some of the all-time greats.

MW,WW, & LW divisions to come.
12/3/10 11:25:02AM
Real good lists. I got pretty much the same.

1 Fedor
2 Cain
3 Big Nog
4 Bas
5 Cro Cop

Light Heavyweight
1 Shogun
2 Rampage
3 Rashad
4 Wanderlei
5 Chuck Liddell
12/3/10 11:44:18AM

Posted by sbulldavid

Light Heavyweight
1 Shogun
2 Rampage
3 Rashad
4 Wanderlei
5 Chuck Liddell

You'd place Rashad ahead of both Wanderlei and Chuck?

12/3/10 12:14:04PM
He's a better winner, Chuck has never beaten anybody at the modern level. Wanderlei is more nostalgia than actual victories. I love watching Wandy but honestly Shogun was considered the best in the world while they held the belts and beat mostly one dimensional fighters that had almost zero chance of winning.
12/3/10 12:46:38PM
Big Nog
12/4/10 12:34:38AM
Fedor (duh) #1
in no particular order Big Nog, Cro Cop
none in the UFC has been long lasting or tested enough yet for me to label them as a GOAT (and I hated watching Big Tim....so no)

Wanderlei Silva (his record at a time was ridiculous...and the KOs were awesome!)
Chuck (most feared....awesome KOs in his prime, just doesn't know when to hang em up IMO)
Tito (nostalgic yes, but the records stand....title defenses)
Shogun (need I say more about this one??)
Rampage (one of 2 guys who made it huge in both Pride and UFC)

Honorable mention to LHW: Randy and Hendo and Vovchanchyn
12/16/10 11:53:58AM

Posted by sbulldavid

He's a better winner, Chuck has never beaten anybody at the modern level. Wanderlei is more nostalgia than actual victories. I love watching Wandy but honestly Shogun was considered the best in the world while they held the belts and beat mostly one dimensional fighters that had almost zero chance of winning.

Wanderlei reeled off an 18 fight unbeaten streak including wins over Rampage(twice), Hendo and Saku(three times). Yeah that's just a nostalgia thing.
12/16/10 5:47:33PM
i know I will forget some people, since Im doing this off the top of my head...but here goes

Sylvia (hate all u want, at one time the dude was very good)


Alessio Sakara!! well maybe not yet..but someday!)


12/16/10 7:13:22PM
1. Fedor
2. Big Nog
3. Frank Mir (i know thats going to kick off a lot of fuss)
4. Mirko Cro Cop
5. Cain Velasquez
Honorable Mentions, Alistar Overeem, Bas Rutten, Brock Lesnar

1, Shogun
2. Rashad
3. Randy Couture
4. Wandy Silva
5. Rampage
Honorable Mentions, Frank Shamrock, Tito Ortiz and Machida
12/16/10 10:43:48PM
I won't go directly into each weight class but mix them up. In no particular order either.

1. Saku. The guy WAS mma for quiet a while. His fights against the Gracies are legendary. Not to mention his epic bout with Carlos Newton. A pure grappling clinic. I feel a great deal of sadness for any new fans of the sport that didn't have the pure joy of watching the saga of his career unfold event after event while it was happening. The mongolian chops,crazy showmanship, and the change of the mma landscape after his over hour long fight with Royce.

2.Royce. Not much else to say that people on the playground don't already known. He was the first name of the sport before it was even a sport!

3. Frank Shamrock. For a while I really believe Frank was the best fighter in the world and I think his fight with Tito highlights this. The bout against Igor Zinoviev was amazing too and fans that missed Zinoviev's shocking fight against Mario Sperry wouldn't understand the significance of the Shamrock fight. And to boot he beat Bas Rutten in his first fight. Insane! I remember for a brief period in mma history the consensus was him and Tito where the two best out their.

4. Fedor. For me one thing that makes Fedor special apart from his great record is the mystique that follows him. The creepy,yet awesome entrance song,the priest with the huge beard that follows him around. The calm and cool demenor that hides the killer instinct.

5. Bas Rutten. I honestly believe Bas was the first truley all around fighter. The prototype for all fighters to come afterwards. This point is arguable but another thing that made Bas so great was the fact that he really did learn from each loss he suffered and that in turn made him better.
12/17/10 4:11:14AM
1. Anderson Silva - Easily, by a far margin.
2. Dan Henderson - He won at UFC:93, took a round from Anderson, beat Vitor, and has more KO victories than TKO victories. Franklin can't say any of that. I think its a distict #2.
3. Rich Franklin - I think he's a forever gatekeeper into the elite. Very accomplished and a tough fight for anybody. Plus he beat Chuck, Wanderlei, Okami and had a 20-something and one record at one point.
4. Frank Shamrock -
5. Vitor Belfort - If there was such things as Power Levels, i would assume he'd be at about #2 on this list. He obliterated franklin, and i dont know many fighters in their prime that could beat him right now. I put him at 5 because of a lack of accomplishments at MW.
12/17/10 9:59:01AM
1. A Sliva i agree
2. Henderson
3. Frank Shamrock
4. Vitor Belfort
5. Rich Franklin
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