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2/18/10 5:25:30PM
We've all seen one punch knock outs, however I want to discuss the possible lethality of a punch.

Is it possible to kill a man with a single punch? (assuming the person being punched has no brain tumors or existing injuries that would contribute to the death)

If it is possible, why has it not happened in the UFC? MMA fighters train to hit extremely fast and hard, with much more force than your average person.

With the advance of MMA training, is it possible we will one day see a fighter who becomes so powerful that he is capable of killing his opponent with one strike in the cage?

What happens if the sport reaches this lethal point?
2/18/10 5:26:42PM
Oops...thought this was another Fedor thread!

And yeah, I'm sure it's possible but I, of course, don't have the proof to back that up.
2/18/10 5:43:30PM
they had a show on spike I believe a couple years ago that said it was possible it showed that if rampage slammed you it was the equivalent of being hit by a car at 50 miles an hour they had several other fighters on there I don't remember who all they were though I know chuck and tito were also on there I think it might have been fight science I'm not sure though
2/18/10 5:50:38PM
And it wouldn't qualify if the strike comes in the middle or at the end of a fight after a competitor has absorbed many blows already. To qualify as a One-Punch death punch, it would need to be one of the very first punches thrown, preferably the very first punch that connects.
I'm just curious if it's possible to generate that kind of force in a single punch
2/18/10 6:04:45PM
I would say it's not very probable, but possible. If the talent level keeps climbing in MMA and after enough matches, one day if the stars are properly aligned, it may happen. I say that long before that happens though, some outside factor will help the process along.
2/18/10 6:56:03PM
On National Geographics fight show (Can't remember the name of it),
but they did claim the Ninjitsu fighter compressed the chest enough with a single blow to kill a man in one punch.
But to apply that to a fight were your opponent is moving and trying to punch you back would probably make the possiblity of landing such a shot cleanly is probably slim to none.
In MMA it can happen. Though I hope it never does.
Anyone can land that "one" so to speak.
2/18/10 9:59:15PM
Its possible, ive seen at least one thing on the news where a guy punched another dude in the sternum and the guys ribcage collapsed or caved in or something (Something deadly).

Id say that the reason it hasnt happened in this combat sport is because of the ability of the athletes. Their mobile targets with incredible twitch reflex timing, and to make it in the sport, there comes a certain "bar" of toughness one must possess.

I dont think you could ever hit a guy in the face just once and kill him though. When the body is knocked out, you go limp and your flexibility is at an all time high. So if a super KO punch lands cleanly and your out cold, your neck is now flexible to take the rest of the force without your spine severing, or however the hell you would die.
2/18/10 10:03:10PM
well in mma i dont see this happening. they train and prepare their bodies to take damage. maybe in a street fight or something.
2/18/10 10:40:00PM
Yeah I think i've seen a couple of those Fight Science shows on NatGeo, they were really interesting. I can't remember if they measured lethality though.
I remember seeing them measure the forces generated by different types of strikes. They had Randy Couture, Dean Lister, Bas Ruten and Tito Ortiz.

So "IF" a fighter should every be killed (And I seriously hope it never happens) with one punch, what happens to the sport from that moment on?

Could a fighter be prosecuted for manslaughter if he killed someone with a punch in MMA?
2/19/10 12:48:27AM
It is absolutely possible, although certainly not probable. The 4 oz gloves make a much bigger difference than people think they do, though. I know they look baby but there is substantial padding in there. Even though it hurts like hell to get punched cleanly by one.

I have a friend who punched his twin brother in the face and put him in a coma for 3 weeks- with no training. So yes, it is entirely possible since his brother was basically dead right then and certainly would have been if my friend had any amount of training. Anyways, though- people have died from much more tame incidents.
2/19/10 6:07:05AM
Its totally possible, watch sports science ive seen it on there 3 or 4 times.
Anytime they do something on boxing, MMA or any type of martial art they talk about 1 shot kills.
2/19/10 6:19:54PM
A perfect, powerful, shot to the throat has the potential to crush the windpipe. Causing death unless immediate tracheotomy
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