i'm having problems with this one

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POLL: Who will win
Ryo Chonan 17% (6)
Karo Perisyan 83% (29)
10/15/07 8:44:01PM
Any thoughts on this fight? How will it go down?
Ryo Chonan vs Karo Perisyan.

I am thinking one way or the other it will end up as a decision, and a WAR at that. I don't agree that Ryo is a +2 point underdog.
10/15/07 8:57:52PM
Depends on how Ryo will adjust to his first time in the UFC it could go either way. I think Karo will push the pace and put too much pressure on Ryo. However Ryo has faught at 185 previously so he could be fatigued from the weight cut or be a powerhouse at welterweight. I was anticipating the debut of Lombard but this should still be an exciting fight.
10/16/07 12:20:49AM
I think you have no worries going with Karo on this one buddy. He'll start by judoing Chonan all over the octagon then he'll just take em' down for a sub... and if that's not enough he'll grind out a decision out of Ryo. Can't see ''The Heat'' losing in any way on this one
10/16/07 6:22:48AM
The PRIDE guys generally are having trouble adjusting to UFC (except, of course, for Rampage) so that factor has me leaning towards Parisyan. I think it'll be a 29-28 UD.
10/16/07 5:12:38PM
i also see a UD for karo. i know that shonan have big heart but karo is not a good guy to begin with at your first ufc fight.

10/18/07 5:03:22PM
wow! i picked karo, but it shouldnt be 19-3 in favor of him. there is alot of ufc bias on here, obviously
10/19/07 2:28:47AM
karo is one of my favorite fighters so its really hard for me to go against him. should be a great fight none the less.
10/19/07 9:43:59AM
I cant see Karo losing he is a great fighter and pride guys just arent doing that well in the ufc, ryo is good but id put my money on karo
10/19/07 6:44:51PM
this fight is obviously going to go to decision
10/20/07 1:55:25PM
Karo has this fight just because he wants it so much more and its in a cage. Ryo will have to wait another fight if he wants a win. I see it going to a decision to though
10/23/07 3:35:04PM
Chonan is not like those other Pride fighters who have been inactive... he has been fighting in DEEP, in a cage... and he also trains with Team Quest now, in the US...

He is really focused... this one has upset potential, but I still say the safe pick is Karo by UD...
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