I'm picking Fioravanti or Tibau (my 134 for your 100)

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5/28/07 5:46:55PM
$2654 to wager for UFN 10!

I still want to put some money on these fights:

Luigi Fioravanti > Forrest Petz
Gleison Tibau > Jeff Cox

I already bet everything I wanted on the other fights. I have $134 left and would give it for $100 on one of the 2 fights mentionned above.
5/28/07 6:03:10PM
1904$ left to wager, keep sending your offers!
5/28/07 6:29:06PM
Thanks for the wagers, keep them coming.

Over 1700$ left.
5/28/07 6:41:51PM
1254$ still available. Send your offers now, it's going away quickly.
5/29/07 1:07:20AM
1029$, keep them coming!
5/29/07 4:44:14PM
I now have less than 1000$ to wager. Send your offers now, I'd like to confirm everything before the end of the day. You'll get a quick response.
5/29/07 11:47:16PM
I now have less than 500$ left to wager... Keep sending your offers!
5/30/07 8:43:01PM
Bump again!

I'm still looking for a few more bets.
5/31/07 12:15:07AM
284$ left and I will give all of it to anyone who bets me 250$ on one of my even odds picks or 600$ on Mohr against Caudillo.
6/1/07 4:07:54PM
One last bump. $134 left, who's got it?
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