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7/23/07 2:27:40PM
just wanna know what everyone thinks of Antoni Hardonk vs Frank Mir
7/23/07 2:56:22PM
7/23/07 3:18:39PM
im picking hardonk and putting money on that.
7/24/07 12:12:36PM
hard to say, mir WAS good i dont know if hes close to his caliber he used to be at. Hardonk has some good traininers behind him and he has a good number of ko's, He got his belt from rickson i think and a kickboxer legend training him
7/25/07 1:07:29AM
i am and i am puttin most of my $ on it. but i hope mir wins
7/28/07 9:22:49PM
Hardonk couldn't capitalize on McCully, and McCully looked like a slob in the cage, so I don't think he'll do better with a better fighter.. Mir might not be the same as he used to be, but he's still more than enough to finish Hardonk. Sorry, I even like Antoni, but he's just not that good.
7/29/07 12:22:11AM
if hardonk can't beat mccully it's a slim chance he'll beat mir
7/29/07 12:33:08AM
Everyone wrote Mir off because he came back to soon and lost. Then got out of shape but the loss to Vera was quick but he came prepared. Hardonk isin't on Vera's level and Mir will submit him.
7/30/07 5:29:15PM
Mir takes home the W, it won't go past the middle of the 2nd.

Mir by sub
7/31/07 7:06:41AM
Mir doesnt have nearly as gooder takedowns as McCully tho!!!!!!!!!! And thats the big difference, while its standing Hardonk has some of the hardest leg kicks in the game and when he targets that weak leg its all gonna be over TKO just like his UFC debut

Hardonk is such a good wager to take with those odds and im picking him for sure as well
7/31/07 4:57:46PM
Mir is going to tear off one of Hardonk's limbs, first round.
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